Fashion Rant: Where is the class?

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I haven't had a rant for awhile but reading Justine's rant in her letter from the editor the latest issue of Shop til you drop has inspired me. I think the opening line of the letter illustrates the general theme of the letter:

"Obviously I'm getting old because I still think the underside of your bum cheeks
are for wearing inside your pants rather than out of them"

That whole letter had me hooked and in total agreement. I am only 21 but wonder if I'm the prudish nana when I get shocked everytime I see a girl wearing "cheeky" shorts. I turned a blind eye when I saw it at festivals or in beach towns- its whole different level of class there but at uni or at the shops, seriously, I don't want to see that. Then there was that other look that was going around this summer- wearing shorts with the front zipper or buttons undone, that look didn't really make sense at the beach and makes a whole lot less off the beach. And every week you'll see a girl trying to pull off a not oversized enough shirt or sweater as a dress. Lets add to that the girls who wear thick stockings or sheer leggings as pants. You have to wonder what goes through their heads as they walk out the door? Do they know it looks skanky- and if so do they think that skanky=hot?
Like Justine mentioned in her letter the skank look is a look that refuses to die. There have been a few signs that it may be on the outs, for example, when Gossip Girl came out Blair's wadrobe was coveted by many of its viewers and her look is all class and sophistication. And when maxi dresses and maxi skirts came into fashion you would have thought that would be the end of belts as skirts but no. Clearly this is a hot issue because after I started writing this post I noticed a big article in today's Sunday paper about teenage girls and their shocking lack of dress. So what do you guys think do girls need more class or should we accept that its just a different sense of style?

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  1. word! they don't have a sense of style/decency... really now, it's like the clothes are getting smaller and tighter...

  2. let's start an anti-skank movement.

    I ranted about shorty shorts and jumpsuits here:

    However your picture is MUCH better than my illustration.

    Time to bring back the class ladies!


  3. Ewww! lol thats so not what sexy is xx

  4. that is so a no, no, no for me. i really don't like it when people use tights ad pants! OMG!! it looks like they are not wearing anything at all!

  5. I agree with everything you said! It is such an unflattering look. Even on someone who has a nice figure! And don't even get me started on stockings as pants. What the hell are they thinking? One thing that annoys me about short shorts is that girls seem to wear them even when it is a FREEZING cold day. Usually paired with ugg boots (clearly they thing that wearing uggs makes up for the fact that they have no pants on!?!)I don't think it's a different sense of style, I think that girls are forgetting what style is.

  6. Yes, I agree too - it looks so bad.

    BTW, I'm in love with your blog and I wonder if we can follow each other..? what do you think ? even if no, I will be your follower <3

  7. I agree 100% w/you on this one!! Shorts are great, but showing "it all" is just begging for the wrong type of attention and it looks bad!

  8. I love it when Girls dress skanky. It's candy for the eye. Keep it coming in Europe and Latin America its so much more common to see girls dressed this way that it's OK. Americans are just so prude.


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