Fashion Spotlight: The 1920s

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I have never watched a series of Underbelly (my loss I have heard) but am kinda wanting to watch the newest series, Razor. Want to know why? Based on the clothes in the ad I'm guessing its set in the 1920s and boy what lovely clothes the ad features (and the accompanying Adele song doesn't do any harm either). I've included a few shots below.

I love the fashion from the 1920s-so glamorous. We actually saw a little influence of the 1920s in some of the winter hats that were in style this season (and of course those 1970s inspired floppy hats). About a month ago I was lucky enough to dress up in 1920s glam because my friend's 21st theme was Speakeasy: Prohibition Party. Would have loved to gone all out glam but money and time did limit me nevetheless thoroughly enjoyed wearing my DIY flapper dress, long pearls, headpiece (from Diva for $5!), dark eye make-up and red lips. Must say its pretty easy to inject a bit of 1920s glam into your regular wear whether it be with the addition of a red lip or a cute headpiece- and I'm predicting once Razor hits our screen we will be wanting to more! 

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  1. The 20's is my favourite decade (along with the 60's!)
    You all look lovely x


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