Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bargain Hunter: Op Shops in Sydney

So been less frequent with the blogging lately and probably will not be able to blog everyweek- getting into the deep end of my uni degree but had to post about my op shopping experience. Have to admit I was a little wary about wearing used clothes not knowing its "past" but reading other people's blogs and seeing their great finds I was definitely curious! Through word of mouth I heard of  two good ones in Sydney: one on Oxford St and one in Summer Hill, here are my reviews of both:

 Vinnies Paddington, 292 Oxford Street PADDINGTON, NSW 

Word on the street is that this is the place to get designer gear that the rich kids don't want anymore in good condition on the cheap. So my friend and I got off the train at Bondi Junction and were pretty much walking blind down Oxford St- this was a stupid plan and we walked for ages until finally getting on a bus- my advice is get a bus down there.The store is two levels and although I didn't find Chanel for $10 there was brands like Country Road and Sportsgirl in great condition. As for the pricing its not as cheap as regular op shops as it is fairly good stuff in good condition, so for example I found a Country Road skirt for $20- if you are looking at it from the perspective that its a used skirt from an Op shop not a great bargain but for a Country Road skirt you have a good deal. In terms of finding unique vintage buys I didn't find a great range on the occasion I went but I did buy the bag pictured below (which I think was $15-20). Overall, I think if your hoping for dirt cheap unique buys go somewhere else but if you want higher end brands on the cheap then have a visit.

Anglicare Summer Hill, 105 Carlton Crescent SUMMER HILL, NSW 

A few years ago my friends bought a Gucci bag from here for some ridiculously cheap price- this sparked my interest and I finally made the trip there a few weeks ago. Getting there is pretty easy, just a five minute walk from Summer Hill station. So how it works is that clothes are sold by the kilo, $8 for the first kilo and then it varies from weights upwards. Now the kilo only applies to clothes which we did not know when we went to pay so that means it does not include books, knick knacks, shoes, belts etc. The reason its so cheap is that this is the sorting centre so everything is just in big tubs and you have to dig around. And some things are in really bad condition- so examine your items carefully before you buy as they may be a stain, rip etc. My tip for shopping here is bring a big shopping bag with you and as you're sorting put anything with potential into it and then sort what you want and don't want at the end. I found a few goodies while there and we did find a few hilarious 80s/90s formal dresses-so if you need a costume for a retro party def go here. There is also a side room where things have been sorted and priced individually but I found it pretty pricey (but was stuff like furs and leather). I think this store is maybe not the best for op shopping newbies but I would recommend it for anyone with sewing abilities, those a little creative with their style and hardcore bargain hunters.