Review: Topdeck "March on Rome" Tour

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From London we joined a Topdeck tour going to Rome. The above map shows the route and details of the journey. This post is going to be more about my Topdeck experience than about my experience of the countries (they will come). 

I absolutely loved my Topdeck experience and would highly recommend it to people. I love doing things in big groups and having lots of people around so this was perfect for me. It seemed that the majority of the group were in their early 20s and everyone was really friendly; we all clicked and bonded very quickly. Besides age, we all had a love and desire to travel in common. The majority of the group seemed to be from Australia with the other members coming from New Zealand, Korea, the UK and Canada. Another good thing about being in the big group was there was always someone that wanted to do what you felt like doing, so you were always guaranteed a buddy. 

After having to arrange everything from transport to meals in London it was nice not having to worry about any of that for awhile. Another thing I liked about Topdeck was that for every city we would be given a tour, so we could get our bearings and get an idea of what we would like to explore further, and then a totally free day to do whatever we wanted. I've heard of some people who have gone on tours were it was just so jammed packed with stuff and there isn't much freedom. Plus it ended up feeling they were just carted around from one attraction to another without really experiencing anything, this wasn't the case with Topdeck. 

All in all I would recommend doing a tour but doing it in combination with your own travelling in the cities you really want to explore (like for example I really wish I had more than one day in Paris).

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  1. Thanks for sharing, it's great to hear how tours turn out. Sounds like it was an awesome experience! :)

    The Sydney Girl

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