A Perfect Day in Paris

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Topdeck Days 1 & 2

The first day of the tour consisted mostly of travel. We all met in the foyer of Clink Hostel in London and from there we boarded the bus to Dover. From Dover we caught a P&O ferry to Calais, France. I like to think of the social side of Topdeck as the highschool experience on speed (I've also heard it being compared to Big Brother several times). If Topdeck was highschool, then the ferry ride was a little like the beginning highschool; mingling with others, getting to know everyone and eventually finding your place. The ferry ride also was one of the first of many opportunities that highlighted what social network addicts we all are- as soon as someone discovered there was free wifi somewhere, there was always a flurry of activity as people pulled out their phones and tried to connect.

Once we arrived in France we got onto our actual Topdeck bus and drove to our Paris accommodations.  We were staying at B&B Hotel, nothing special but not bad either, however it was apparently in whats considered the "ghetto" of Paris. After we settled in, we went out for dinner. It was here that I tried snails for the first time, I wasn't as disgusted as I had anticipated I would be, however, I probably am not going to eat it again for tastes sake. After dinner we went for a night tour around Paris, pretty amazing seeing all these French icons such as the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge right in front of you.

The next day was our free day in Paris, which also happened to be my birthday- pretty lucky turning 22 in Paris, and it was a perfect day too. Together with B and two new Topdeck friends from New Zealand (Laura and Lizzy) we explored the city. We decided we go have a quick look at the Lourve, but not actually go in because we didn't have to time to explore the massive building and wait in the long queue, however when we arrived we discovered there was no line at all so didn't want to waste this chance and decided to go in and pay the Mona Lisa a visit. 

After the Lourve we headed up the Champs Elysee. Parisian drivers (and as we would discover later, Italians ones too) are crazy, so trying to get a picture in the middle of the street was a bit of an adrenalin rush. A quick pit stop at the Laduree (the place which made the macaroon what it is today), before reaching the end of the street and climbing the long spiral staircase of the Arc de Triomphe. We were rewarded for climbing the 284 steps with a spectacular view of Paris, a view that also includes the Eiffel Tower. 

We then indulged ourselves with a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, and whilst we were picnic-ing the weather decided to contribute to our perfect day by giving us blue skies and sunshine. Full of food and cheap wine we then climbed up the Eiffel Tower (once again no line for us). After the tower we continued to explore the city on foot, before meeting the Topdeck group outside the Notre Dome. From there we headed to dinner- a dinner which included frogs legs. I didn't really enjoy them, it was not so much the taste but the fact that they looked like tiny human calves. After dinner there was an optional excursion to the Cabaret- an option which the majority of the group took. It was a fun night, various different acts and the host spoke in both French and English. And that was pretty much the end to my perfect day in Paris. 

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  1. You provided nice information of your Paris trip. The photos are awesome. The Eiffel Tower is an icon to Paris and during my visit to Paris I went to the Paris Disneyland. Many UK visitors still prefer the traditional ferries to France to enjoy their holidays.

  2. So glad it was a perfect day. Paris is wonderful in the low season as you have it all to yourself. I had the same experience in November. Most of my friends who go in summer spend half a day waiting in lines. No thanks! x


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