Switzerland: A Pleasant Surprise- Part One

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Topdeck Day 3 

Morning breakfast in Paris followed by a semi fail run for baguettes and cheese (it was too early in the morning so all that was open was the bakery thus we only got half of what we were searching for) before heading onto the bus to our next destination: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland!

I will admit Switzerland wasn't at the top my list of places I wanted to go in the world, it just happened to be on the tour (that being said I was looking forward to eating cheese and chocolate once there!). But as the title suggests it turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a definite highlight of my trip.

Day 3 consisted mostly of travelling. I know the idea of being on a bus for hours on end does not sound fun to most, and actually deterred me from doing a tour for awhile but it wasn't too bad. I think I'm now conditioned to fall asleep on any mode of long distance transport whether it be plane, car or coach so did catch up on sleep on the bus. Plus, it was a chance to be social with your fellow Topdeckers. On this particular journey we did do a get to know you activity, each person had to introduce themselves a little and say what part of the trip they were looking forward to the most. We were also briefed, as we always are, about our next destination. One of the things we were told is that in the place we were staying we would have to pay for the showers- 1/2 franc for 4 minutes. It has been a few weeks since I got back and have been unpacked for awhile and yet I am still finding 1/2 franc coins everywhere, taunting me of the extra four minutes in the shower I could of had.

We arrived in Lauterbrunnen in the late evening, had enough time to settle in our new accommodations before meeting for dinner at the hostel bar/dining hall. Lauterbrunnen is a small town in the Swiss Alps and not surprisingly not much of a night life so we had a nice chill night hanging at the hostel bar discovering new drinks ( including a Swiss beer for women called Eve, I hate beer usually but this has proved to be the exception and a range of drinks whose different flavours are just known as their colours e.g. Green and Red) and things about each other over a round of "I Never".

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