Switzerland: A Pleasant Surprise- Part Two

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Topdeck Day 4
Today was the day of the optional excursion up Jungfrau summit, which B and I passed on because although it sounded like it would have spectacular views the cost of it (142 Swiss Francs) turned us off, plus, we were just as happy to explore Lauterbrunnen on our own. Most of the Topdeck tour, however, did go on the optional excursion so B, two new Topdeck friends, Laura and Jordan both from New Zealand, and I were the last ones hanging around the dining hall/bar at breakfast.

With no set plans for the days we were taking our time with breakfast, making use of the free WiFi. One of the ladies that runs the hostel noticed us and scolded us for wasting our time there when we could be out exploring, she also told of us this cafe ten minutes away that apparently had amazing hot chocolate and black forrest cake- the cake sold us and we got vague directions on how to get there.  After putting a load of washing in the four of us headed out to explore the town. This town is picture perfect, as I imagine the rest of the Alps would be. Every thing you see looks like a postcard. After reaching the end of town (which didn't take too long, its pretty small) we bought supplies for a picnic lunch (the usual at that stage of a nice bread, cheese and meat). After lunch (which ended up having on a bench in the train station) we went in search of this cafe with amazing cake and hot drinks. As we started our journey we ran into two other Topdeck friends, Madi and Ebonnie- two sisters from Victoria, who joined. A little further along we ran into another two, Carly and Mel- a pair of friends also from Sydney.  And so the eight of us walked, and walked, and walked (stopping numerous times for photos). The roads were pretty icy and slippery so it was a careful walk, with a lot of near falls (no actual falls that I can recall, though). We had been walking for way longer than ten minutes with no site of a cafe, nor a town, so we decided to ask for directions. A local told us there was a cafe but it would another half hours walk, we all decided that we had come this far so may as well so trekked on. However, we reached as far as you could go by foot and there was no sight of a cafe. We asked the lady at the cable-car place where the cafe was, this was where we were informed that there was no cafe near us! We had pretty much been on a wild goose chase for the past few hours, but it had been fun and it was an amusing situation so none of us really minded. It turned out that we had walked 1.5km to the town Stechelberg, the starting point for the cable-cars. Since we were there we decided to take the cable car up to the next town- Gimmelwald. When we got off, the lady running it asked why and looked sceptical, we soon discovered why- the town was totally isolated with everything shut for the off season. However, that kind of added to the fun of it, and the absurdity of the day. We found some sleds, which we helped ourselves to since there was no one there to ask and had some fun in the snow.

We decided to head back before it got dark and we got lost in the Alps, luckily there was a bus back from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen. Before heading back to the hostel we stopped by a store that sold genuine Swiss watches and knives for reasonable prices (and free engravings!). Oh, we also found a cafe in town and finally got some hot chocolate (sadly, no black forrest cake). We were all in a really good mood and the rest of the crew that did the Jungfrau excursion also had an amazing day so it was very happy atmosphere over dinner (I'm sure the drinks helped!). Dinner at the hostel was a real Swiss meal of fondue and rosti (that being said, I know we could of had it better somewhere else).  The majority of the bar's patrons were people from our tour, however towards the end of the night we did meet some actual Swiss guys. They didn't believe we were from Australia because we weren't wearing short skirts and that's what Aussie girls wear haha. The night was just as fun as the day and ended in a nice hot shower (using as many 1/2 francs as I could find).

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