Pisa: A Tower.

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Topdeck Day 5 (Pisa)

Breakfast in Lauterbrunnen before heading onto the bus headed towards Italy. The bus ride was pretty beautiful, as we drove through the gorgeous Alps. Our final destination for the day was Florence but we were making a stop in Pisa first. Previously, our driver had said he hopes the Tower hurries up and falls over because it apparently it was a pretty boring town and actually quite out of the way. I didn't really know anything about Pisa, besides that it is the location of the Leaning Tower- and I discovered that is all you need to know. We were in the town for about an hour, and that was more than enough time. We, of course, took a the obligatory pushing the tower over photos and a few others attempted a few more "creative" poses. After that there wasn't really much to do so we took the opportunity to try our first genuine Italian gelatis- much more delicious and cheaper than the ones here (like $3 for two scoops). In summary, I would say go to Pisa just to tick if off the list but maybe don't make it your final destination. 

p.s. Some of my favourite videos from the trip were taken at Pisa. Bits of it which you can see in this video I made of our entire Topdeck experience:

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  1. i get so nostalgic every time i watch that video! Carly


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