A Dash Through Orvieto

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Topdeck Day Seven (Part One)
Morning of Day 7 we departed for Rome, with a stopover at Orvieto. Orvieto is a small Italian town located on top of a steep hill. So steep in fact that our tour bus could not make the journey up but instead we took a train and then walked the rest. Like many Italian towns the main feature of the city is the Duomo (church), this church is particularly famous because it houses the Corporal of Bolsena, a cloth containing blood stains believed to show the profile of Jesus Christ. No one in our little group were that religious nor that excited by this but it seemed a waste not to go and see it for ourselves so we paid the 3 euro entrance. Let's just say we weren't that impressed nor amazed and to us it just looked like a old dirty cloth.

After viewing the cloth we agreed whole heartedly that lunch was high priority so we set out finding a suitable place. It actually took us a while to find somewhere open for lunch but we did manage. We had a group of nine and we practically filled the empty restaurant. The staff was very friendly, however they spoke very little English but we did manage the following exchange; "Pizza?" "Si!". This pit stop, like our one at Pisa, was a fairly short one and we were required to meet at the station at a certain time. It was only once we were seated that we realised we only had 15mins until we had to meet the group. Hilarity, at least for us, followed. We decided we were too hungry to wait until our next stop and since we were already here it would be rude to suddenly leave so we decided to order and eat as fast as we could. We quickly beckoned our waiter over and placed our orders, asking how long certain dishes took to make and changing them if it was too long. This exchange itself was pretty amusing due to the language barrier so hand gestures were relied on. After an anxious wait (with us all staring at the kitchen, stressing that we would delay our group) our dishes finally arrived (as soon as the last dish was placed on our table we requested the bill). For a culture that is about enjoying your food and taking time to do so we felt so rude shoving it down our throats (those that ordered soups even watered them down so that they would be cool enough to eat quickly). We paid the bill, took slices of pizza in our hands and ran down through Orvieto, laughing at what the residents of this quiet town must think. And even though we had kept the group waiting (and were teased for doing so) it was worth it cause we had a yummy meal and a funny story.

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