Fashions on the Field: A Day at the Races: Derby Day

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Attending the races has been on my bucket list for awhile and I finally ticked it off on Saturday when I attended David Jones Derby Day. The theme for Derby Day is black and white which my friends and I found a little frustrating  and limiting cause we longed to wear pretty colourful dresses. However, we did stick to the theme (I was a little insistent) and found that the majority of the crowd did too. I did love being there for two reasons; 1) I was pretty lucky in terms of winning and a day which was shaping up to be a costly day out when taking into consideration outfits, fascinaters etc and tickets it ended up being profitable and 2) I loved seeing all the fashion, everywhere I looked was perfectly polished people- a treat for my eyes. I did not spot one celebrity whilst there, not surprising that they do not mingle amongst us regular punters. Apparently there wasn't as much of a celebrity presence this year because there was no David Jones marquee but below are some of the looks of those that attended:

Megan Gale
source: The Daily Telegraph

Samantha Harris

Jessinta Campbell

From the above the three I would say the only look I like is Megan's, though its not anything amazing in terms of fashion it does flatter her. Jessinta is to be commended on trying something a little different, however, it does look a little frumpy.

And of course I'm going to finish the post with a picture of my lovely friends:

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  2. I love that dress (first picture). I don't think it would be to bad if you add a pop of colour like a slim red belt of red clutch. :)


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