Fashions on the Field: Met Gala 2012

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This is such a fashion event but I have never covered it in my blog because the event itself really means nothing here in Australia. However, upon hearing it rivals the Oscars in term of red carpet fashion I was curious. Here are some of the hits and misses from this year's Met Gala:

Emma Roberts: I really like this dress- the colour, the neckline, the peplum and the train. However, it really doesn't make her pop. I think the bright yellow washes her out slightly. 

Kristen Stewart: I don't like the Balenciaga dress nor the heels. Its experimental and clashy but it just doesn't work. The dress is the wrong length for heels cut that high. The materials of the skirt just look kind of cheap and the whole outfit isn't dressy enough. 

January Jones: Love this dress, especially the waist up. Sexy dress and she rocks it.

Kirsten Dunst: A miss, I think. A little too reminiscent of bad 80/90s fashion.

Ashley Greene: Another one of my favourites from the night. Just an elegant and beautiful frock.

Marc Jacobs: A big miss. Do I even need to say why?

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  1. i hate kristen stewart's look. my favorite of the night was singer m.i.a. :)


  2. January Jones was one of my favorites!



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