Are We Fashion Sheep?

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Out window shopping one night when we came across a rack of coloured pants. Upon seeing them I commented on how I really wanted a pair of burgundy pants, to which my friend replied with a statement that went along the lines of- you only want them because they are in fashion now, and there is no point buying them towards the end of the trend.  Of course I protested with “No! I want them because I like them and not because they are in fashion and will wear them even when the trend is out.”  But it did raise a thought- it’s a little more than coincidence that my desire for burgundy pants came about the same time it was in trend. Are we just fashion sheep? Do we like what we wear because we like it without influence or because we are told we like it? I guess this really raises the larger question of do we truly like anything free from outside influences? But, let’s just stick to fashion today.  

I think the key thing here is exposure, something comes into fashion and our exposure to it greatly increases- we are not only seeing it sold in stores but more people are wearing it. Research has shown that we are more likely to like something familiar, and thus something we are exposed to more.  And with the weather getting cooler pants/jeans fast become some of the more popular items in your wardrobe. After awhile, however, you become tired of the limited options- usually having to pick between blue and black. And then you see more and more people rocking coloured pants, adding a flash of colour to their outfit and begin to warm to the idea of getting a pair yourself.  Maybe this is not everyone’s thought process but it was mine. And I’m sure there are people who just blindly follow the herd with the frame of mind that “It’s cool, if I wear them I am cool/will fit in more”.
But it’s not as simple as we are exposed to things chosen by certain higher forces and we all go “Baaa” and run out and buy it. This is when our own freewill, tastes and opinions kick in. If exposure/advertising/what have you was the only thing in play then I would own jeggings, and that will never happen.  I don’t care how many celebrities/models wear them and how many media outlets claim that they wedge the gap between style and comfort. They are gross and promote leggings as pants. But jeggings are a whole other topic (if you are interested in reading my rant regarding them you can do so here),
So, I’m not denying that maybe our love of certain trends is directly correlated with certain forces exposing it to us. Exposure to it raises our awareness of it and we then form our opinion. And it may come across sheep like because of the mass consumption but these “higher forces” are not just randomly throwing out random products but, rather, are creating and advertising products/items etc that they predict will appeal to the masses. So, in a way, its like a cycle. We influence what they decide they will influence us with and how we take to that influences what next they will pick, and so on (yes I realise that was a hard to follow sentence but gist of it is it’s a cycle).
But what do you think? Are we sheep or are our fashion choices entirely our own? 

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