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If you have been following my blog you may already be aware that I, earlier this year, travelled around London and Europe. About half my travels were done with my highschool bestie, B, and the other half was done as part of a tour group (Topdeck). It seems that every other person going on an overseas adventure is planning on doing, at least part of it, as part of a tour group.  The popular two being Contiki and Topdeck tours. And I’m sure other travellers, like I was, are curious to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling with such a group. There are some different perceptions out there regarding such tours group, a popular one being that one tour company in particular is more about partying and “hooking up”  than travelling and experiencing different cultures. Then there is also the criticism that it’s a total whirlwind and more about ticking off as  many countries as you can than really having a chance to experience the cultures. Having experienced a little of both group and independent travel, the pros and cons of tour group travelling soon became evident.  And, so, I bring you my pros and cons list of tour group travels (note: this list is probably most specific to youth tour group travels):
  • It is exhausting. You have to get up early do a full day of touring the city or to get onto the bus to leave for your next destination. And if you, like a lot of the crew, are eager to experience the night life and more social aspects of travelling you will be in bed late, most nights only catching a few hours of sleep. After the tour ended the thing we appreciated the most was getting a full night’s rest!
  • The social dynamic is very similar to highschool. I didn’t really see this as a con but I’m sure there are a lot of people that are glad to leave cliques and a fast moving rumour mill in highschool. But, like I said, I didn’t really see this as a con- it was never exclusive groups nor was there any maliciousness. I think in most social situations the formations of cliques is natural, but I have to wonder if I would of enjoyed the tour experience as much if I hadn’t found a group I meshed with so easily.
  • The food. In some of these tour options the majority of your meals are provided for you. In the tour I did every breakfast and dinner, bar one, was included. Having breakfast provided was excellent, after a week of independent travel it was nice not having to wake up starving and having to organise where to get food or having to make do with what we had (which was usually biscuits, candy and chocolate). However, having dinner provided was a little annoying because they usually weren’t amazing and so in countries such as Paris and Switzerland we really felt like we missed out on trying delicious, genuine, local cuisine. That being said, you aren’t forced to have dinner with the tour but I think we all saw it as a waste to skip the meals since we had already paid for it.
  • Time restrictions. This wasn’t a huge deal for me, going into an organised tour I knew this was to be expected but there were times (such as in Oriveto) where having to meet the group at a certain time meant certain experiences were rushed.
  • You are typically limited to only seeing the touristy perspective of a city. Because you really have one day to explore each city you are obviously going to go see all the major attractions (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Lourve etc in Paris) which means you only really encounter tourists and don’t really get exposed much to the culture. When doing independent travel we had much more time to interact with locals and just observe cultural difference and such.

  • Travel friends! The tour ensures you are meeting a group of people you have something in common with- a love of travel. Everyone is in high spirits and having the time of their lives. I loved sharing the travel experience with a group of people that were sharing the same emotions as me- whether it be the disbelief at what we were doing (for example on the first day of the tour we all shared that feeling of “Cannot believe I’m here, in Paris, and there is the Eiffel Tower, an icon we have grown up hearing about”). And aside from having some more people to travel around with, it was the best feeling to meet a fairly random group of people and bond so instantly with them. We were all amazed at how quickly we grew close. It’s been almost 6 months now since I finished the tour and I still miss my Topdeck family like crazy and am in regular contact with the ones I was closest with.  
  • Safety. This was especially evident the night we went out in Florence- it was a great advantage to have the Topdeck boys present to ward off any unwanted advances of Italian men. And just in our everyday travels we all had an eye out for each other and people were always keeping tabs on everyone’s whereabouts.
  • Easy. Last year was intense for me academically, the majority of my energy going into creating my thesis. And not only was I making arrangements for my Europe trip but also my trip to Sri Lanka, which I did completed only a week before leaving for Europe. So, by the time Europe trip came around my brain was exhausted and I was over planning and organising and just wanted to relax and go with the flow.  This was not so possible when independently travelling, everything was a decision to be made- what and where to eat, where to go, when to go, where to stay, how to get to places etc.  Tour group travel takes care of all the boring details such as transport and accommodation so you are free to just explore and socialise. This really is a big draw to the tour travelling. It was the biggest hassle and time consuming task to find somewhere available, cheap and safe to stay when we were independently travelling.
  • Having breakfast provided. I know I said food was a con but after a week of having to source breakfast it was so nice to wake up hungry and just walk over to the dining area and have a wide range to choose from.

 So, at the end of the day would I recommend doing a tour group? Yes! I loved it but I would say supplement it with independent travelling. If you plan on covering places that are part of the tour independently as well I would say do it as part of the tour first, gives you a vibe for the place and get to tick off the major sites. 

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  1. Best summerising review i have read about topdeck/contiki.completely agree with the last bit.because thats what im doing in august.

  2. I agree with every point you made. I miss my TopDeck family like crazy, but travelling in my own time and really getting to appreciate things from the perspective of the locals is awesome as well. Travelling is an incredible experience no matter how you do it!


Thanks for the comments!