H&M is coming to Australia- But will it be another disappointment?

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H&M is coming to Australia! They are scouting out possible locations in Melbourne, with plans to also open a store in Sydney. This news made me every excited. H&M was my favourite store in Europe, and I did go crazy buying stuff, all the while wishing I had a store to go back home to. However, my excitement died down pretty quickly when I remembered that Zara was pretty amazing in Europe and its, well, quite shit here. In the Zara store in Rome I purchased a work dress, a pencil skirt, black shorts, a leather bag and a satin blouse all for under $30 each. You would be hard pressed to find anything AT ALL for that price in Zara stores in Australia. Actually, no, you might find a plain basic singlet or tee for around that. I had been told that although the Sydney store is pretty bad the Melbourne one is much better. So, a few weeks ago, while in Melbourne I (and the girls that I was accompanied by) went with high hopes that it would be more similar to the Zara chains  in Europe- this was not the case at all, a quick browse of the store and we saw nothing that caught our attention and prices that weren’t impressive at all. We were so disappointed (ok, and a little tired from a big day of shopping) that we didn’t even bother to check out Melbourne's (and Australia's only) Topshop (although, to be fair, I wasn’t a big fan of Topshop in London, either).
So, with that memory fresh in my mind my excitement about H&M quickly faded. This does make you wonder why these stores are such a disappointment here- why isn’t it the same designs and prices? I understand the prices may be a little higher because of shipping and such but the whole point of these stores is discount fashion. Maybe they think we don’t know better and will just buy for the label? But the thing is a lot of Australian youth do know what these stores are like overseas and because of that won’t buy.
All the being said,  I do hold a slither of hope that H&M will be different and the stores here will resemble what they are like overseas- a variety on trend youth fashions on the cheaper end of the scale. Please be the magical store that you can’t help but entering when you spot it.

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  1. I remember when Zara opened the owner said the clothes were being made for our climate, so style factor may suck a bit to European style. As for price I think in this economic climate expensive price tags are ridiculous. No one can afford high prices for clothing they've made themselves in their own factory so it should be cheaper but it isn't.

  2. on the other hand, i thought Zara was not amazing the whole time i lived in Europe - hence I haven't bothered checking out my local in Melbourne. BUT, I never found much in TopMan over there yet I think what they have in TopMan here in Melbourne is really good. I have to hold out higher hopes for H&M, i'm still flogging the clothes i brought home with me as there is so little over here that impresses

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