An Unplanned Day, A Good Day

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I love a busy, action packed travel day- where you are travelling from one attraction or activity to the next, trying to fit in as much as you can in one day. However, sometimes the day with no plan or where the plan falls through, turn out to be some of the best.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, 2012
A beautiful, but quiet town in Switzerland. We came here as part of our Topdeck tour (see herefor full entry), and decided to pass up on the expensive optional excursion to Jungfrau. No real plan for the day, we thought it would be a good day to relax, and as boring it is to admit- do our laundry. What started out as a relaxed walk with three other friends in search of cake, ended up being up being a memorable journey, and one of the best days of my life (sorry for the sappiness). In the end of we didn’t find any cake but did collect four more people on our journey, a journey which included an unexpected trip to the town Stechelberg, where we appeared to be the only people, so had a lot of laughs sledding and crashing into piles of snow.
Having no plan for the day was what allowed it to turn out so well. No “must visit restaurant” meant we could have a cheap but delicious picnic in the Alps consisting of finds from the local supermarket. Having no itinerary meant we could continue trekking until we discovered the cable cars. No next planned activity meant we were free to catch the cable cars and get off at a random town. This day taught me having no exact plan when you travel is ok, maybe even better than ok as it allows for discoveries you couldn’t imagine. And I was lucky enough to learn this early in my travels.

Fun in the snow

Kas, Turkey, 2013
Mountain biking through Taurus Mountains, this was what was on the agenda for the day. This activity was part of our “Turkey Active” Intrepid tour. As we were each given our bikes and gear, I found that I was more nervous about the cycle then I was about jumping out of a plane! The stories about the injuries that occurred in the previous cycling treks only made it worse. I was going to the Greek Islands the following week, and definitely didn’t want to arrive with a broken appendage. But I sucked up my fear and hopped on my bike and cycled up that mountain, struggling with the different gears and the growing heat. I began to lag behind the group but pushed on. I then cycled upon my friend Carly (who I had actually sparked a friendship with a year and half before on the above mentioned day in Switzerland). She had hopped of her bike and was walking alongside it, pushing it up the mountain. I hoped off my bike too and we discussed whether we wanted to continue. You should note, this was very, very early into the cycle. Yes, it was the plan for the day and maybe we could see it as giving up but ultimately neither of us were enjoying this planned activity. We could continue, solely because it was on the itinerary, or hop on the support van (the van was slowly following the group in case of any emergencies or to pick up anyone that couldn’t complete the journey). And I have no regrets about deciding to go on the van. Carly and I had a great time indulging on all the treats we had bought (originally to act as fuel for our cycle). We cheered along the rest our group as they continued the trek. Slowly, the group in the van grew as more and more of our group joined us. A rolling party. In the end, only three out of ten of us completed the trek on bike- which was a huge achievement! And although it would have been great to be one of them, I still had a wonderful day taking in the scenery and enjoying the company of my fellow support vehicle users.

So there you have it, some of the best travel days are the unexpected ones.

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