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Hot wings whose ingredients include the very, very spicy Habanero chilli pepper, and left my friends in tears for an hour after he consumed it. This is what my friend experienced at Crazy Wings in the Melbourne branch, and over the weekend we headed to the Sydney store (Chinatown) to see if we were up to the challenge. We decided to be smart and begin the meal with some of the other options the restaurant had to offer before we killed our taste buds with the hot wings.

Teriyaki Beef Fried Rice

Nice, but nothing special. Balanced out the meat and more unusual items that we ordered.

Ox Tongue and Lamb Kidney

The two more adventurous items we ordered. Both used a similar spice rub, which I really liked but meant they both tasted similar. Just based on the meat alone, I think I prefer the tongue over the kidney.

Ox Tongue
Enokitake Mushrooms

This was my first time trying Enokitake mushrooms, and although I normally like mushrooms, I found the texture plastic-like and lacking in flavour.

Crazy Wings

We ordered a selection of wings, which comes served on a skewers. We picked Honey Soy, Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper, Asian Curry and the one we came for, Chili Pepper. The waitress assured us that the Chili Pepper was very, very spicy. 

We put the Chili Pepper wings aside while we tried the others. They didn't taste significantly different. The only one I didn't enjoy was the Asian Curry wings which were just rubbed in curry powder.
Chili Pepper Wings

And then it was time for the main event, the Chili Pepper wings. Nerves had built in our stomachs over the course of the meal and I was eager to just get started. We each served ourselves one wing each and began at the same time. With each bite we waited to for the explosion of spice in our mouths. And waited. And waited. And nothing. Not one of us found it spicy and it was clear that these wings weren't the same as the famous ones in Melbourne.  The limited English of the staff meant we couldn't even ask about the differences from the Melbourne store.

Despite the disappointment of the not-hot wings, we did have a fun night sampling some new things we hadn't tried before. Plus, the food is relatively cheap, our total bill was a little over $50 for the four of us.
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