Day 2: The Travel Bug

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I am participating in the Boots N All 30 day blog challenge. Today the question they posed was:

When, where, what, and with who is the story of your travel origin?  

I don't think I can pinpoint an exact moment because with most of my extended family living in Sri Lanka, I have been lucky enough to have been a "traveller" since I was a baby. Visiting Sri Lanka with my family every 3-4 years definitely roused my interest in travel. Each trip, even though it was to the same country, would hold new wonders. Whether that be discovering different cultural norms and trends or visiting a new area of the country.

However, I developed the true travel bug upon planning my first trip (i.e. not a family planned trip). And that was my first trip to Europe with my high school best friend (details of which can be found in earlier posts) in 2012. Since then the travel bug has been raging. Soon after my return I was determined the Greek islands would be next. And sure enough the next July I was dancing on the beaches of Greece (although there was a trip to Thailand between those European Adventures).

And the travel bug isn't exclusively (temporarily) cured with trips overseas, but discovering more of Australia, even Sydney, satiates it. Since the travel bug has taken over I have been driven to discover waterfalls, new beaches, hiking trails, islands etc, all in the place I call home.

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