Hiking the Battlefields of Gallipoli, Turkey

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Our "Turkey Active" tour with Intrepid included hiking the battlefields of Gallipoli. "Hike" may be a stretch, I would say the word "walk" would be more fitting.

As we drove to our starting point, we were joined by a local Turkish guide that explained the story of Gallipoli, a story we have heard plenty of times during our schooling. Except this story told form the Turkish perspective, which was interesting to hear given our Australian upbringing. He explained the Ottoman empire's involvement and how they were lured to the German's side by the promise of ships.

Our walk was three hours, and although the terrain wasn't hard, the scorching sun made it difficult (we did our trip in July last year, the peak of summer). As we walked, our guide told us about how the ANZACs had arrived on the wrong cove and pointed out on a map what the original plan had been. He pointed out trenches and we all took it in shock, as we realised that it was barely a metre (now a road) between the Turkish and Australian trenches. The most emotional thing for me that day was reading the headstones, inscribed with heartbreaking messages to lost husbands, sons, fathers and brothers.

Exhausted and a little emotionally drained, we ended the day snorkeling the waters of ANZAC cove.

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