I'll Take You To The Grocery Store

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Food is, for most travellers, a big part of the fun of travelling. And its pretty common when travelling to encounter "strange" food. I believe there are two categories of "strange" food: 1) Things (mostly, animals) that we wouldn't consider food e.g. frogs legs, animal embryos and insects, or 2) Strange because its different or new.

Eggs, Switzerland

It is category 2 which makes visiting supermarkets, grocery stores etc overseas so fun. People often think I'm being sarcastic when I say I could spend ages in a supermarket overseas (maybe you yourself are thinking, wow, this girl is a bore), but I love wandering the food aisles and seeing the different foods and the varied flavors they come in. And, of course, while I'm wandering the aisles, I'm throwing into my basket any food that looks interesting and not like something back home. And sometimes it's as basic as a strange flavour of chips or drink that I'll quickly become addicted to, and then miss when I come back home.

Fruits, Sri Lanka

Don't get me wrong, I'm usually keen to try foods that fall into catergory 1 (eating frogs legs and escargot in Paris is proof of that) but foods in catergory 2 aren't ones that are pushed on tourists. They normally aren't anything to write home about (and by that I mean post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). But they may make you feel like you've experienced a bit of everyday life in the country that you are visiting.

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