Packing: My 7 Essentials for Hostel Hopping

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Hostel hopping is often synonymous with backpacks and limited luggage space. And with space so limited, you want to ensure that everything you pack is essential. So to celebrate Day 7 of the Boots'n'All "packing" theme, here are seven little things that won’t take up too much space that you will be grateful that you packed.

Travel towel

Second time going to Europe, I purchased a small micro fiber towel from a sporting goods store, and I actually fell in love with it while travelling. Not only is it compact but it is impressively effective at drying you (so much so that I wanted to use it post travels). You will especially grateful that you packed this when you realise many hostels don’t provide you with towels/charge you for hire.

Travel lock

You are going to be sharing rooms with strangers, this will give you some peace of mind when leaving your bags while you are out.

Card game

A pack of cards barely takes up any space and is so cheap you can ditch it when packing for the return trip. Cards can have two uses:
1) Bonding tool with people you meet in your hostel or tour group. Most travellers can recount a time where they spent a night bonding over a game of cards (Usually a game that also involves alcohol. Kings cup, anyone?).
2) Aiding in fighting boredom during long trips. Long bus/train/plane/car trips are often a part of travelling and a deck of cards can help make that journey a little more pleasant.
When I went to Europe this year, instead of deck cards I took Cards Against Humanity (which I downloaded for free here). It's a politically incorrect, hilarious game that is easy to play and is a quick way to create “in-jokes” with a new group of people.

Power supply

Cameras, phones, ipods, laptops, tablets. The list of electrical devices travellers are packing are ever increasing and they all need juicing up. Majority of the time hostel rooms will not have enough powerpoints for you and all your roomies to charge their things. You and your roomies will be grateful that you thought ahead.

Safety pins

Multipurpose. While travelling I have used safety pins as replacement buttons, as a keyring for hostel keys, to alter clothing and to hold together bags and clothes that didn't fully survive the journey.

Ziplock bags

Again multipurpose. Originally purchased as a cheaper and smaller alternative to space bags but I soon discovered that it was also for useful for organising my bag- separating my dry clothes from wet and clean from dirty.

Washing powder

You are not always going to have access to washing facilities or want to spend your money on washing. However, you will have free access to a sink. This is an item that people might question as being necessary as you can buy it anywhere, but this way you can take a small amount in a ziplock bag rather than buying a box whilst overseas.

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