Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Western Sydney!

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There are many tourist guides for what to do and see in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, but what about the in-between? Taking cue from today's Boots N All challenge, I present my 24 hour guide to Western Sydney:


A bright and early start. Head to the nearest supermarket and pack a picnic lunch to take with you.

9am - 2pm:

Start your adventure at Featherdale Wildlife park in Doonside. It is conveniently located near Doonside train station, so easily accessible by public transport. I love taking friends and family from overseas here as it gives them a chance to not only see Australia's local wildlife, but to interact with them too! Cuddle a koala, feed a kangaroo, pet a wombat. That's all possible here.

Image taken from Featherdale Wildlife website

2pm - 6pm:

Lunch time! Walk over to Nurranginy Reserve and enjoy your packed picnic lunch. After lunch you can either relax and unwind in the park or, if you have the energy, go for a bushwalk.

6pm- to however long you want the night to last pm

Walk back to Doonside station and catch the train to Parramatta, Western Syndey's CBD. From here, walk over to Church St. Church St is lined with restaurants, so take your pick!

This was only one of many options of activities to do in Western Sydney. There are plenty of parks, attractions, activities and restaurants to explore and try. Its not all suburbs between the mountains and city, so don't dismiss this area.

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  1. My husband and I so look forward to Australia and Sydney! :) Thanks for a great post on the #indie30 topic!

  2. Your shared information is really amazing! I also have been visited this region a month ago with bestbustour during my vacations. That was a memorable and most enjoyable trip of my life. I had a lot of fun there. This region received 7 million domestic visitors and 2.7 million international visitors in year ending December 2010, making it the 42nd most visited city in the world.


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