Greece, Part Six: Santorini, On Our Own Day 2

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It was our fourth and final day in Santorini, and our second day sans Busabout. We booked a Volcano-Hot Springs-Oia tour through a local internet cafĂ© located near our hotel. There are several of these tour options available and I would highly recommend doing one of these. You get to see heaps and don’t have to rely on the public transport system to get around!

The mode of transport for the tour was a pirate-esque boat which first took us to the volcanic island, Nea Kameni. Unlike the volcanoes that are normally portrayed on television and movies, the one on Nea Kameni was more like a giant crater. Our tour guide led us up the volcano, stopping to dig a little hole to show us how the volcano still emitted steam beneath us. A tip for the day is wear sensible walking shoes, we were not expecting to have to hike at all and poor Carly wore thongs, one of which ended up breaking mid walk! 

On top of Nea Kameni
After the volcano we boarded back on the boat (where I had a total coughing fit, damn that Paros sickness. I was a little embarrassed because I couldn’t stop and a sweet Italian man even came over and gave a me a toffee, hoping that would help!), the boat then stopped by the hot springs/mud bath. It was really fun, we got to dive off the boat into the water which was freezing until you swam a little further out, where it was warmer. Honestly, the mud bath looked a little dirty (dirty for a mud bath, ie hairs and other things mixed in) and having already had two mud bath experiences in Turkey we opted not to partake this time, instead enjoying the water.

The boat then took us to a small island, Thirissia where we had lunch and chilled out before heading to Oia. We had heard that the Donkeys on the island were treated cruelly so decided instead of taking the donkeys up, we would walk up hundreds of steps to get to the town instead. Even though it was a painful climb, we had a clear conscious and probably toner legs.

It was our second Oia sunset and we were determined to witness a proposal so were sussing out all the couples, we thought we were onto a winner when we spotted a couple where the male was looking a little nervous and kept feeling his pocket- but alas the sun set and we saw no proposal.

We then headed back on the bus, our sickness fully catching up with Carly and myself so we opted to go to bed straight away, hoping to recover for Ios the next day. 

Stayed tuned for my post on Ios, the final part of my posts about Greece!

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