Greece, Part Three: Paros

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Where to stay

We had initially booked accommodation near Naoussa Beach, but once arriving there we realised it was on the opposite of the island to where the rest of Busabout was staying, and just seemed a little isolated in general (it seemed to be surrounded by empty dessert). So after cancelling our booking (the staff there were nice enough to drive us back to where our Busabout group was), we ended up at Elizabeth’s Pension. I would recommend staying here, just for the laughs. Elizabeth’s Pension is run by an old Irish Lady named Lilly. Upon initial sighting of her, you would think she was a sweet old lady. Then she opens her mouth and lets out a string of curse words in her thick Irish accent and you are forced to re-evaluate. We had so many laughs listening to her yell at someone or curse about something. I suppose I am only recommending staying here because I was never the subject of her yelling!

The room itself was nice (but not as nice as our one in Mykonos) and we still had our own ensuite and balcony.

What to do

Paros is a very chill island, so a good place to unwind on the beach and have some long, lazy meals. Which is pretty much we did. The first night we joined Busabout for seafood buffet dinner at Krios Lounge, which was topped off with Greek dancing and plate splashing. Was a fun night and the dinner was delicious (although went quickly!). Plus the restaurant was located right near the beach, so was lovely to see the sun set over the water while ate. We decided to take advantage of the chill vibe of the island and opted for an early night in (still exhausted from the long nights in Mykonos), so after dinner we stopped by one of the big bakeries in town and stocked on some scrumptious baklava before making our way home.

My baklava spoils

The next day were supposed to do a cruise around the island with Busabout, but unfortunately the wind decided to be a party pooper and pick up so much that it was cancelled. Since the island was very low key and it also happened to be the same day as the Origin decider a lot of the Busbout crew went in search of bar that was playing the game or streamed it from their rooms. Not wanting to waste the day (and really, not being big on sports), we hit the beach. Like Mykonos, the water was very cold but if you can brave it for a few minutes you quickly adapt. The wind decided to put an end to our beach lounging by picking up again and we soon couldn’t bear being pelted by sand so went in on a search for lunch. After lunch we browsed the cute, little boutiques that lined the streets.

That night, most of the group for well rested so we were keen for a night out. We had a low-key hang at a Shisha bar, which we followed with a night of dancing at The Dubliner, one of the main clubs in Paros. 

I went to bed that night pretty excited, as the next morning we were departing to my dream destination- Santorini!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Love the name "Elizabeths pension" she sounds like a character. :)


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