Greece, Part Two: Mykonos

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The story of Mykonos isn’t too exciting to share in length, basically it was a whole lot of chilling at the beach, partying at night, eating as much Greek food as we could and wishing everything was a lot cheaper. So here are the main points:

Getting There

Along with the rest of our Busabout crew, we boarded a six hour ferry from Athens to Mykonos. I must have repressed the journey because all I remember from it is struggling to get comfortable on the benches outside and fashioning a pillow with my bags.

Accomodation: Mama’s Pension

Unlike most of the Busabout crew, we didn't staying at Paradise Beach Club but had booked at Mama’s Pension. Our accommodation included a transfer to and from the ferry port (which we had no idea about until we saw a lady waiting to pick us up when we got off the ferry).

Our room was fantastic! The front door of our room opened up to a little kitchenette/ lounge room, it then leads to a spacious bedroom which contained two singles and a bunk bed. We even had a little balcony with a stunning view. We were stunned at this level of luxury considering how much we had paid (around $60 per person).

It’s also located across from a quiet beach called St Stefanos. If you do stay there, I would also recommend hitting up the restaurant that is just overlooking St Stefanos, really good meals there (we had both breakfast and lunch).

Moussaka at St Stefanos Beach

Paradise Beach

Since most of the Busabout group stayed at Paradise Beach Club, that was the starting point for nights out. The first time we walked through the gates which led to Paradise Beach, we were faced with the greatest beach party scene. Bikini clad and shirtless bodies dancing everywhere, people drinking on tabletops, sunbeds and beach huts lining the beach. Compared to our quiet beach at St Stefanos, this was definitely more of a party scene and much more like what I had expected from Mykonos.

We were later informed that what we had stumbled about was Tropicana, one of the bars on the strip. We were also warned that if we were female, we should stay away because entering is guaranteeing a groping. On our last night in Mykonos, we were tempted by the big party and did visit Tropicana, but the warnings were true and we didn’t last five minutes there before leaving!

Tropicana is only one of the bars that line Paradise Beach, and luckily the others weren’t as seedy as Tropicana.

I did meet my Greek love on Paradise Beach- the gyros. A gyros is a Greek dish of meat, hot chips, tzatziki and salad wrapped in a pita. Not only is mighty tasty, but it is also super cheap, my first one only cost about 2 euros.

Mykonos Nightlife

I was generally a bit disappointed by the nightlife. Both nights we joined the Busabout group, and if we didn’t I think it would be pretty dull! The majority of the venues are pretty dead before 3am, unless another tour group arrived to fill out the place. The first night most of us found it hard to keep the party spirit going until 3am because it was so quiet, plus it was also pretty expensive (our guide did advise us that Mykonos was one of the most expensive islands and the others would be better).

The second night was better, consisting of relaxed drinks by the beach (where we spotted the cast of The Shire, Sydney’s attempt at The Hills), a disappointing paint party (we were pretty much the only people there) and then a spontaneous decision to go see Calvin Harris. He was playing at Cavo Paradiso, which is supposed to be one of the best clubs in the world. The club was definitely the biggest I had been to, although I wish I had been able to check it out without the massive crowd (one of the only clubs I went to in Mykonos that was packed). Calvin Harris was good (we even managed to get close enough to see him) and his set started at around 3am, which meant that by the time we left the club, the sun was up.

Overall, I did have a nice time in Mykonos but if you could only pick one Greek Island to visit could, I wouldn't recommend Mykonos. Especially to a cash poor student.

P.s Did you miss Part One? Check it here

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  1. Ahhhh Greece is on my hubby and my bucket list! We are hoping to travel back to Europe for a few months in the next year or so and this will be our first stop! xxx

  2. It's on my list to visit, I'm sure I will get their one day. I did Busabout years ago I loved it, so much better than Contiki.

    1. Busabout definitely allows more freedom than those other tours

  3. I'd love to visit Greece one day! I have some very good friends that are Greek and I have learned so much about Greek culture! :D

  4. Oh man greece, it looks amazing I have wanted to go for years! One day!
    Thank you for sharing :D

    random question but how did you go about making your drop-down tabs for your blog? I have been trying to figure it out for myself and its been a devil

    1. It took me awhile- I'll pop you an email with the links that helped me out :)


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