Licking Their Way Around The World!

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Berlin Wall

It was January 2012, the second day of our Topdeck tour and while most of the group were getting to know each other while exploring Paris, two girls weren’t interested in mingling, they were on a mission. This mission was to lick the Eiffel Tower. Meet Carly and Mel, who are slowly licking their way around the world.

Inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother, in which Ted and Barney lick the Liberty Bell, they decided they were going to lick the Eiffel Tower when they got to Paris. This first lick then set off a spark, and they began licking monuments all over the world.

What’s the tastiest monument/attraction you have licked?
C: The Eiffel Tower, because it was the first. It tasted like freedom, haha.
M: I think the Prague Castle was the tastiest, it was just so fresh and clean.

Carly licking the Eiffel Tower

And which tasted the worse?
C: There were a lot of bad ones. I think one of the worst would have to be that random abandoned castle we found in turkey.
M: Anything that’s metallic or mossy generally doesn’t taste very nice. Juliet’s right boob in Verona tasted pretty nasty but I think that was because tonnes of hands had felt her boob up, and that’s what we were licking.

Any surprising tastes/flavours?
M: The Pantheon in Rome tasted oddly metallic, that one didn’t go down too well.

Mel licking Prague Castle
Juliet's Statue, Verona

Best licking story?
C: My best licking story is probably in Prague with the astronomical clock. It's a big tourist attraction because when it gets to 12pm it has kind of a puppet show that comes out of it. Reminds me a bit of the clock in Shrek. I waited until just after 12 to lick it. A fellow Topdecker, Laura,  had to give me a boost so you could see both me and the clock in the picture. Really funny photo! I must have received so many strange looks! The Berlin Wall was another fave. We licked the painting of the men kissing.
M: I can't choose, they are all special.

Biggest challenge when trying to lick something? And how do you overcome this?
C: Most challenging thing is doing it discretely! So much judgement. We ended up embracing it though!

Hoi An, Vietnam

Regret licking anything?
C: I never regret a lick.
M:  I would like to say that I don’t regret licking anything but that would be a lie. There was one lick in Barcelona. I’ll set the scene for you before I start.  It was a brisk summer evening at dusk I was making my way to the bus station to catch an overnight ride to Madrid when I saw the ‘Arc de Triomf’. Feeling guilty about being in Barca for a week and not seeing this magnificent monument, naturally I got the urge to lick it. So I put one of my bags down to take a sneaky selfie doing it but a man who didn’t speak English interrupted me. At first I thought he was telling me not to lick it, but no, he was distracting me while a man on a push bike grabbed my bag so they could whisk off into the sunset together on a bike not built for two, with my bag. I tried to run after, but I’m not a sprinter, hey I’m not even a jogger and that’s when I learnt there’s safety in numbers when licking monuments and I never made it to Madrid.

And licks that got away? What happened?
M: It’s my dream to lick Big Ben, but he’s very popular and heavily guarded so for now we are separated.

Iamsterdam Sign

Any licking tips you want to share?
C: Don't lick anything sacred or religious. This is our line.
M: Try to block out the snide comments and stares and just feel the lick, it’s a magical moment that really connects you to the place and not just because you’re leaving some saliva behind.

What attraction do you hope to lick next?
M: Maybe Mount Rushmore,that would taste like freedom.
C: Something in South America. For me, it has become much more about the places rather than the actual monuments. You never know what will be next
Rialto Bridge

Mel licking the Harbour Bridge

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  1. Hahahahaha this was such a hilarious post to read and I adore the fact that you've traveled so much!!! I got so nostaglic looking at some of the places you've been to and remembering my times there too! Amazing and funny post!

    New follower for sure!! Love your blog!! xxx

  2. hahaha as a bit of a germaphobe I cannot even imagine, but so jealous of all of your travels :)

    1. Only joined the girls on a few of their trip, they have travelled to (and licked) far more places than me!

  3. Gosh! I had so much fun reading this.


  4. What a totally interesting story! I don't know if I could do it but it makes for fascinating reading!

  5. They're doin' what ... lol I've kissed the Blarney Stone but umm never licked stuff. too funny

  6. That's so courageous of you to lick these monuments! I've had my booster vaccine shot done 2 years ago and will be heading back to France for holidays (and to see my family)… will try and lick the Sacré Coeur or the Arc de Triomphe considering you've done the Eiffel tower :)


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