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I was in Surry Hills for a warehouse sale and thought while I was in the area I should check out the famous Bourke Street Bakery. Armed with my umbrella I walked in the rain to the bakery. About a 10-15 minute walk from Central station, the bakery was already packed when I arrived (at around 11am). With the growing crowd and limited space I didn't have the leisure of taking my time browsing the menu so I quickly picked out three items: the eggplant, spinach, chickpea and feta sausage roll, the ginger brulee tart and the strawberry meringue tart. All up it cost me $15.

Eggplant, spinach, chickpea and feta sausage roll

I didn't get to snap my savoury treat because I got everything to go and it was pouring when I left and in my effort to protect my sausage roll it got flattened in my bag! Luckily it didn't impact on the flavour. The sausage roll was tasted fine, the flavour of the chickpea dominated and some more feta would have been nice. I did regret not trying their legendary pork and fennel one instead (eggplant and feta were just too tempting to resist!). All in all, I wouldn't say it was worth getting my feet soaked for.

Ginger Brulee Tart

I'm not a big creme brulee tart but this one looked so tempting. It was nice, not too heavy and I think the perfect dessert for someone who likes a treat but not something too sweet (like my dad, who was quite taken with this tart). Plus, its a twist on the typical creme brulee.

Strawberry Meringue Tart

This tart did get a little squished at the top in my walk back, but again didn't impact on the taste. And the taste was delicious. Unlike a lemon meringue tart, it didn't have a curd but a strawberry cream. So lovely! I regret not buying more and it made my walk in the rain worth it.

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  1. I love those creme brulee tarts! And it's a bit hard to see what to order when you're in the line as it is always so crowded.


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