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As the hipster trend holds strong, Newtown-esque cafes and bars have been popping up all over Sydney. In the west, one the more popular hipster gems is Parramatta's Circa. The converted cafe already had a crowd waiting to be seated when we arrived (Saturday morning, around 11am) but we were lucky enough to be seated within minutes at a table big enough for our group of six. 

We spent a long time perusing the menu, oo-ing over the exotic coffees and teas and struggling to decide between the tempting dishes. Having already scoped out the menu online, I was surprised to see more choices on offer when in store. I was torn between the sweet french toast and the Ottoman Eggs, which I had planned on ordering the day before after looking up the menu. I finally decided to go with the Ottoman Eggs ($17), and was pleased with my choice.

The poached eggs were served a top of a slice of crumbed eggplant, a generous helping of garlic labne and a delicious slice of baguette. All the elements went well together, and it was filling without feeling heavy. My only tiny complaint would be that the yolks were too firm for my liking, I much prefer them oozing out everywhere.

Circa was bustling the whole time were there, and the tiny space meant there was only enough room for one way traffic which I'm sure is a pain for service but our table was tucked away in the back so wasn't a big issue for us but I'm sure other diners probably had to deal with being bumped into.

Overall, I would recommend Circa for a nice brunch/lunch occasion. Its not the cheapest spot so maybe not a regular haunt but definitely a place to go when feel like you deserve a treat (and after submitting a 5000 word paper the night before, I certainly was!).

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  1. I've never been there but the eggs sound interesting although I'm one for runny yolks too :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely place to enjoy a Saturday morning. I would never think to serve poached eggs over eggplant. What a great idea! I must try it one day. Sorry your eggs weren't runny enough. I prefer mine that way too:)

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and thank you ever so much for visiting my blog;)

  3. Oh yummy!!! I wish I was in NSW so I could go there. My hubby and I go out for breakfast each Sunday and it's just the best, most relaxing way to start the day. He would love this as he always gets poached eggs! xx

  4. this place you to be a favourite of mine, but the quality hasn't been retained in my books.

    1. I actually read this too, so had lowered my expectations but the everyone really liked what they ordered. Curious how it was like before

  5. What a special breakfast. That egg looks like it's perfectly cooked.

  6. I am dying to visit Sydney! Thanks for such a great post!

  7. The Ottoman eggs sound sensational!


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