Review | Parliament On King, Newtown (Plus, how we became part of the Coldplay filmclip!)

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Had our day gone to plan, this would be a review of Parliament On King and Black Star Pastry. But the day didn't play out how we had intended, and instead of watermelon cake we accidentally ended up in a Coldplay filmclip!

But let's start at the beginning. Planning a catch up with Carly and Mel ( featured here), Mel suggested we try Parliament On King because on Tuesday the cafe is run by asylum seekers and refugees, with the owners allowing them to get real hospitality experience. 

We arrived at the cafe around 1pm, and I was surprised it was such a tiny space, probable only able to fit ten or so diners. I found out that the cafe not only doubles as a book stores, but also the worker's lounge room after close. The small space gave the cafe a cosy, homey feel and the staff working there were very warm and welcoming. We each ordered a bean tortilla ($5.50), and Carly and Mel ordered a coffee and banana smoothie, respectively, which they both really enjoyed. Our tortillas were tasty and fresh. In a bad food blogger move, I did not get a picture of it but it was very home style. Beans and salsa wrapped simply in a tortilla and served as is.  

Still hungry after just one tortilla, we decided to head down to the other side of Newtown to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Coldplay filmclip we heard was being filmed there that day. Thinking our chances were slim, we thought even if we didn't see Coldplay, we could grab something else to eat and check out Black Star Pastry (which I have been keen to try for ages now).

On our walk down, who is to cross our path but Coldplay themselves and large herd of followers! We watched on, slightly stunned, as they walked straight past us. Later we chuckled over the chance of that happening as we devoured some $3 tacos from Beach Burrito.

I then eagerly lead the girls to Black Star Pastry, excited to finally taste the desserts that have been the talk of the foodie community. There was still a crowd of Coldplay fans and media lingering around the courtyard in front of Black Star, so we had to make our way through. When we did make our way, I was devastated to find that the cafe was closed! As I began to express my disappointment, the crowd that was gathered nearby began to cheer, and music begun to play louder, and then Coldplay entered singing "A Sky Full of Stars". Turns out it wasn't a random crowd that were lingering, but the "set" for the final scene of the filmclip! We quickly joined the crowd and joined in the fun, as confetti of white stars rained on us. After the song Chris Martin thanked everyone for being there, and said they were going to redo that scene so if we could all recreate that moment, it would be great. We couldn't believe what we had stumbled into! Coldplay fans had waited from the crack of dawn to be a part of this and we had accidentally become a part of it! Coldplay returned about 15 minutes later, and performed the song twice again. I was amazed at how good Chris Martin was acoustically. 

So we didn't get to try Black Star's famous watermelon cake, but seeing Coldplay perform and being part of their filmclip was definitely  consolation ;) See the clip below (I even managed to find myself!)

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  1. You lucky girl that would be so amazing!!!!!

  2. Wow that's awesome!! And is it just me or is Chris Martin getting better looking with age?

  3. Now that's a story for the grandkids! What a serendipitous encounter!

  4. Woooow you're so lucky!!! I didn't know Sydney had a cafĂ© run by asylum seekers and refugees… Will definitely have to go there!

  5. Hi HIT! You visited my blog, so I thought I would hope over and visit yours. I'm so glad I did, because this is a fun post. How exciting to be part of a Coldplay video! BTW, the video was great. One of these days I will make it to your amazing country and city. Have a good one!

  6. what a great story - watermelon cake sounds amazing but this experience sounds like a once in a lifetime - just checked out the vid and it is great


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