Fashion Spotlight: DFO and Bauer Media's Shopper of the Year

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Source: Cleo Australia, Instagram

$200 and 45 minutes to find and style an outfit. Last Friday, 50 finalists were released at DFO Homebush to do exactly that, with two winners being picked at the end of the day to go into the running to be named "Shopper of the Year"  (and win $5000!). I was lucky enough to be one of these 50 finalists.

Hosted by former Miss Universe Australia, Renae Ayris and judged by Alissa Thomas, Fashion Director for Cleo magazine and Alex Carlton, Editor of Shop Til You Drop magazine.

The day was a lot of fun, running around like mad women shopping up a storm. I felt slightly like a celebrity, being followed by the photographers and being stopped and asked what I was wearing. In addition to keeping anything that we bought, we were also gifted with a goodie bag. Although I didn't get a win, I was pretty happy with my haul (see below), all coming in under $200!

My final outfit is pictured below, coming in at around $110. The sweater and skort is from Glasson, heels from Wanted, socks from Bonds and necklace from Collette.

Source: DFO Homebush Facebook page

Source: DFO Homebush Facebook page

The two looks below (yes, that's be in the background accidentally photo bombing!) are the ones that got selected as winners on the day and will go into the running to be Shopper of the Year!

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  1. Lucky you even if you didn't win it sounds like a awesome day and you get to keep all of those goodies.

  2. The girl with the green and gold bed cover won?

  3. Oh I love your outfit! It's gorgeous!! What a fun experience!

  4. You look delightfully fresh and classy. A great outfit which you wear well. What a wonderful way to spend a day :D


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