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Chicken the size of your face! That’s what the people say about Hot Star’s fried chicken. But was that the only thing that was special about this chicken? In the CBD with a hungry belly, I stopped by Hot Star. It was quick to order but a bit of a wait time to get your meal, as they make everything once ordered.

I ordered myself the "Hungry Combo" which was $10.90, which for me meant a Spicy chicken and a side of fried mushrooms.

The chicken was indeed the size of my face! The spiciness of the chilli version comes from the seasoning that they put over the original chicken and gives it a yummy, spicy look. The chilli did have a tinge of a kick but nothing too overwhelming. But once you get about half way through the chicken it gets a bit same same and I got over it.

First look at the serving of the mushrooms, I was a little disappointed by the small serving. Especially when I tasted my first one and loved the salty, fried flavour. However, they were pretty greasy so the serving was more than enough.

So, would I go back? Maybe for the fried mushrooms.

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  1. I've never eaten a whole one but I can definitely see what you mean about one being too much. I loved the curry one-that was my favourite! :D

  2. Holy moly that's huge!!!! It sounds pretty delish though. Mmmm mushrooms!!

  3. You had me at fried mushrooms nom,nom,nom!!!


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