Greece, Part Seven: Ios and the wrap up

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Ios. The final chapter of my Greece story, and unfortunately as far as stories go there isn't much to tell. Ios is definitely a party island, and that really is the main attraction. Our nights were spent club and bar hopping, and our days relaxing on the beach.

For those who weren't wrecked from the night before or cash poor (like us as it was nearing the end of our trip), the island offered a number of water sport activities.

We stayed at Far Our Beach Club, in a little hut like room. Outside the front of Far Out is a a bar and pool, where bikini clad and shirtless bods surround the area dancing and drinking up a storm. To be honest, by this point we were pretty accustomed to the scene so we walked right through without a sense of awe, like we had when we first arrived on the island.

Our Room

And after two nights in Ios, we bid goodbye to the Islands as we boarded the ferry back to Athens. See below for my video wrap of my time in Greece:

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  1. Good time and good memories, I loved your you tube post.

  2. OMG I stayed here too in 2009! The fans in our bungaloo broke and fell on the bed (luckily?) while we were out dancing. Apart from that, lots of fun in the sun swimming and drinking cocktails ;)

    1. Wow lucky you were out!! But yes in Ios you hardly spend time in your room haha


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