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The Horsely Drive is lined with the classic Western Suburb main street offerings: kebab joints, Chinese restaurants, charcoal chicken shops. Nestled among these is one restaurant that is not like the others, once you step through the large (and slightly intimidating) door it feels like you've stepped into a fine dining restaurant in the CBD. Beautiful pendant lights, crisp white table cloths and perfectly set tables. Welcome to Candelori's.

But it's not all about how the restaurant looks, of course. I was keen to try the food, and see if it was like the Italian I had in Italy.

To start us off, the waiter brings us olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some fresh bread, just like in Italy- they are off to a good start!

Between the four of us we order a pizza: the teramano, a pasta dish: tagliatelle porcini with pork sausage and a risotto: truffled mushroom risotto.

Teramano Pizza

The food arrives and they serve it with a dish of Parmesan and a dish of hot chillies in oil (just like in Italy! Another win for them).

I first dig into the pizza, to see how it rivals to that from Naples and Florence. Pretty good but not as good as Naples (although I'm beginning to think I am over imagining how good the pizza was over there, as it really has ruined all other pizzas for me), but the rest of my family found it delicious, especially commenting on how good the base was.

Next up, the risotto. And my favourite. Perfectly cooked, and to sound all mastercheffy- a good combination of textures.

Truffled mushrom risotto

Finally I tried the pasta and, honestly, it was a bit meh. The pasta itself was fresh and nicely cooked, but as a dish it was average.

Tagliatelle porcini with pork sausage

Despite only ordering three meals between the four of us, we were pretty full and had a tiny amount leftover as well. That said, we still ordered desserts! We ordered two desserts between us all, given how stuffed we were. We ordered the nougat toblerone and the hazlenut and chocolate ricotta calzone (which the menu notes serves two). Both were delicious and it was hard to pick a favourite out of the two. The calzone was very big and was a more delicious and sophisticated version of a nutella crepe.  The nougat toblerone was a tasty, rich chocolate dish, complimented well by the gelato it is served with.

Hazelnut and ricotta chocolate calzone

Nougat Toblerone

So to sum up, I would recommend Candelori's. It's a rare fancy find in the West that is reasonably priced, and best of all the food is good. I hope I get chance to go back because I hear their stuffed zucchini flowers are pretty amazing.

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