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I noticed Pasha's in Newtown a couple of months ago, the brightly coloured glass lanterns and the decor in general bought back memories of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. And the fact that I had been craving Turkish the moment I left Turkey (to read about my actual travels through Turkey, click here), made me add Pasha's to my mental list of places to try.

So last night, along side my fellow Turkey travelers, Carly and Mel, I paid a visit to Pasha's for dinner.

We wanted our meal to be just like in Turkey, beginning with meze options before a main and dessert. Because of this, we ordered banquet one which we calculated to be the cheapest option for us, given that we wanted a lot of the dishes that we had while in Turkey. So banquet one was as follows:


A selection of dips, an eggplant dish, zucchini with garlic yogurt and pomegranate salad and Turkish bread.

The dips, in particular the spice capsicum one, was my favourite of the entrees. It was so good dipping the tasty, warm bread into the different options.

Zucchini, in general, is an average vegetable but garlic yogurt was tasty and complemented it well. The eggplant was also nice, and I actually preferred it better with some rice that was served with the main.


Next up, the mains. We had already indulged ourselves with the entrees so were bordering on full already. The main was a lamb shish, chicken shish, meatballs and traditional Turkish rice. Both the shishes were well cooked and seasoned. Luckily we still had the dips from the entree, because it wasn't served with any sauces, which I think it needed.

To be honest, although the mains were nice, it wasn't amazing and maybe not worth the price its charged at on its own.


The desserts for option one were pistachio baklava, turkish delight served with Turkish coffee or apple tea. I chose the option of apple tea, so was a very sweet but oh so tasty dessert. The baklava was crispy, yet dripping in honey- just how I like it. And the Turkish delight was legit Turkish delight, not the choc coated version by Cadbury, and I wish I had some right now. The apple tea was also a great warm, sweet treat- perfect for the wintery, rainy day it was.

And although $40 per person may seem like a lot on a uni student budget, it was worth it considering how much the dishes cost individually. Overall, we had a delicious experience and the food and the decor of the restaurant bought back a lot of fond memories of Turkey. If you are on a budget but in the mood for Turkish (or like us, want to relive a little part of Turkey), I would recommend getting a plate of the mixed dips followed up by some baklava, Turkish delight and apple tea.

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  1. Yum! The food is Turkey was one of my absolute favourite cuisines when we travelled a couple of years ago. Mmm the dips, the breads, the meats, the desserts... everything really! This banquet looks incredible! xx Lucy from Bake Play Smile

  2. What a nice way to travel back to Turkey via food memory! I'd love to visit there one time. It's one of those destinations that interests me so much! :D


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