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I had a lovely Sunday in Sydney over the weekend, a morning spent at the aquarium and then hitting up some places on my “want to try” list; Mamak and N2.

There was barely a line at Mamak, and we were seated very quickly which was nice as I had anticipated a wait. I ordered the Mi Goreng, as I had really enjoyed my noodle dish from PappaRich the week before and wanted to see how it compared. I also ordered a classic roti dish to share with my boyfriend.

The mi goreng was nice but I think I preferred the noodle dishes I had at PappaRich. The roti was deliciously crispy and the accompanying curries were also tasty. I was also impressed by the prices, for a hyped restaurant in the CBD, everything was pretty cheap. 

I passed on a Malaysian dessert as I was keen to finally try N2. While we waited in line we debated what to get, and we finally settled on my gut pick, Ferrero Reveal.  For those of you who don't know, the appeal of N2 is the liquid nitrogen they use to make their ice cream. The workers are dressed in lab coats, and its quite a show to see them making the ice cream and the counter becomes covered in mist every so often.

After we ordered we realised there was another wait to get our actual ice cream. About 15-20 minutes later and we finally got our dessert. It looked mouth watering and being a chocolate crackle fan I really liked the rice bubble topping. But when it got down to the actual ice cream part, it really was just like regular ice cream. Good to try one time but would be hard to justify the cost and wait another time (but then again I am still thinking about those other intriguing flavours on offer and how they might taste).

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  1. What an honest review! I think the noodles at Mamak look great, but it is nice to hear your thoughts (as you ate it). The roti and curries look good too and after waiting that long for ice cream, it had want to be good. The appearance is delightful and it is a bit of a novelty. Still a lovely Sunday out for your :D


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