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It is the night before Father's Day and as soon as the two sets of parents see the long line outside PappaRich they begin to complain and whinge about going somewhere else. Us "kids" assure them it will be fine and it'll be worth the wait (we hope!). Luckily, the parents make friends with other customers in the line and the hour (yup, hour!) passes quickly.

We are seated and the ordering system is explained to us: we write down the item numbers of what we want on this little notepad, and when we are ready we press the buzzer on our table and a waiter comes to collect our sheet.

Given its our first time there, my sister, cousin and I decide to share a variety of dishes so we can try a bit of everything. We get a roti dish, two noodle dishes, the fried chicken skins, and dumplings. And I get the lychee soda ($4.90) for myself (PappaRich has a huge selection of pretty drinks, all reasonably priced. The lychee soda was a yummy, lighter option)

Everything, bar the roti dishes came out really fast. As did the bill- which came out before everything and we were surprised to find that it came up to about $148 between the 7 of us. Not too bad considering how much we had ordered.

Fried Rice Noodles

Fried Mee

Both the noodle dishes were delicious, and unlike at some places was actually mostly noodle instead of large vegetable cuts. Both the dishes were saucy and packed with the right amount of flavour.

Roti Telur Bawang

The roti, which the waiters warned to have a bit of a wait time to get ready, came with three curries, a chicken curry, a dahl curry and a spicy sambol. The roti was light and fluffy and filled with onion and egg. PappaRich did all of the elements well but the noodle mains were the standout dishes for us three.

Fried Chicken Skins

The fried chicken skins were a guilty, crunchy treat but the dims sims fell below average but we forgave it as everything else was so good.

We had worried we had ordered too much but managed to gobble everything up (but were too full for dessert). Oh, and our complaining parents? They thoroughly enjoyed everything they ordered (which also included the biryani) and left with smiles on their faces, and agreement that it was worth the wait.

Overall, I would say PappaRich deserves the hype it has. The food is delicious, good portions and reasonably priced.

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  1. I've been to Chattswood, need to try this one - the queue is crazy

  2. I miss Sydney when you hear of restaurants like PappaRich. Even waiting in queue is okay if you are with family or friends. I love that roti with accompaniments and the noodles are a lovely combination of ingredients. Great photographs :D


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