Turkey | Eceabat and Canakkale

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Eceabat was the second city on our Turkey tour. The reason we, and think I think most Australians, visit this city is because of it's close proximity to Gallipoli (you can read about our visit here). The town of Eceabat is very small so we decided to catch the ferry to the livelier Canakkale. The rest of our Intrepid group seemed to have the same idea, as we ran into them either on the ferry or while in Canakkale. The main attraction of Canakkale, and as far as we discovered, the only attraction, was the Trojan Horse as seen in the movie Troy (a.k.a not the actual one from history!). I haven't actually seen the movie Troy so seeing the prop from the movie wasn't too exciting, rather I enjoyed the chill vibe of the town, taking pictures of the fisherman lining the wharf and the bright children's play statues around the town.

We also had an amusing food adventure (not like our food poisoning one in Istanbul!) which I think helped break the ice with some of our fellow diners/Intrepid group. The strip across from the water is lined with restaurants, all with someone standing outside calling out to passerbys to come in.

Carly, Mel and I went to one restaurant and were disappointed to see a very "Western" menu, since it was only our second day in Turkey we really wanted to indulge in the local offerings. A few people from our Intrepid group walked by and "saved" us by calling us out from the restaurant. We then continued down the strip, being urged by different restuaranters to come enjoy what they had to offer. We were finally convinced by one restuaranter and the five of us agreed to dine there. Que hilarity. When we tried to order the waiters seem totally confused by us trying to order food. They were further confused when we explained that Carly was a vegetarian and asked what vegetarian options they had. Despite the confusion we ordered 5 chicken kebabs and they said they would prepare something vegetarian for Carly. Time passes and eventually a waiter comes out with vine leaves that his grandmother has made and some watermelon. Both delicious and unexpected (and complimentary!). More time passes and our five "kebabs" arrive- bits of chicken cut up and cooked. A very bland meal but we are still jovial given the yummy freebies. We wait for Carly's meal to arrive, and we wait and wait before finally deciding to enquire how long it would be. More confusion! The waiter panics, brings out some other guys and they panic together and asking what we mean. The lack of a common language does not help the situation. The waiters all panic together before leaving into the kitchen. Luckily the panic produced results, as the eventually bought out Carly some meze options.

Laughing about our dining mishap, we ended the night by getting some Turkish ice cream which is served in a comical manner, with the ice cream man making a show out of serving up the hard ice cream.

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