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Its 11am on a sunny Sunday and Paper Plane Cafe in Parramatta is already full, with a small gathering people waiting outside. We add our name to the list, and wait with our stomachs grumbling and our eyes sneaking a peek at what the diners are eating.

The cafe is small, and they have packed all available space with seating (not surprising, considering how popular it appears to be). After about 15 minutes, we are seated at one of the few tables outside, score!

Having already pondered what we had wanted to order during our wait, we were quick to finalise our decisions once seeing the full menu. Despite piling our menus at the edge of the table, and trying to make eye contact with the staff, it took another 10 or so minutes for our orders to be taken. I ordered the Eggs Benedict and stuffed Portbello mushrooms and homemade strawberry lemonade. I was pretty pleased with the reasonable pricing, both those together came a little under $20.

When they arrived, based on appearance I was pleased. The eggs were served atop a helping of rocket on sourdough bread. And the mushrooms were stuffed with pesto and a generous portion of salty feta. I first tried the mushrooms, delish. Perfectly flavorsome and salty. Next I cut into the egg and...devastation. I love a runny yolk and so was severely disappointed when I cut into the egg and nothing happened. If not for the hard yolk, that brunch would have been near perfect.

But despite the hard yolk, I would totally go back to Paper Plane Cafe (although would specify my yolk preference) as it was fairly cheap and they had a lot of tempting dishes on offer.

p.s A tip for parking on a Sunday (I found it very hard to find free parking that morning) there is a lot right door and the first two hours of parking are free.

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  1. Yup, the yolks have to be runny! But otherwise it looks really tasty x

  2. I would also be disappointed if the yolk weren't runny. I wonder are you allowed to ask for another egg in that case?

  3. I would have sent the egg back with a hard yolk. Does that make me a bad person? :)

  4. I LOVE eggs benedict, but definitely agree that I need a runny yolk! At least it looks pretty?


  5. Pity about the eggs -that really makes an eggs bene dish! I like the look of those sliders in the background..

  6. Oh no!!! Everything looks amazing otherwise - but yes a runny yolk is a must!!!

  7. It's such a shame about the eggs. I do think the food looks very good though and I'm glad you thought it was good value for money xx

  8. Have a try of the paper plane burger! Probably on of the best burgers I have ever had. It's unfortunate the egg wasn't that great though


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