Fashion Spotlight: Fashion Trends in 2014

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This year as House in Tillford's focus began to include food, the spotlight on fashion dimmed but that doesn't mean my love of fashion did, so let's take a look back at some of the trends in fashion in the past year.

Cropped Tops

Three years ago I thought mid riff revealing tops were tacky, but 2014 showed us how to properly style a cropped top. They can be paired with a flowly, long skirt or shorts for day time wear, or with sleeker skirts for night, as seen below.

No such thing as too matching, co ords were huge this year and I was a total fan!

Source: Indian Roots
Full Skirts
Such a lady like trend! Mostly the skirts are midi length, and if it still feels too Victorian you can pair it with a cropped tee.

Source: Lucky Mag
Jean Panties or any booty bearing shorts. This was a trend I did not like! This was not a lady like trend. At all. I get this was the year of the booty but I don't need to see your butt cleavage when I'm buying my groceries. Or ever, really.  

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  1. I can't pull of a crop top or a full skirt, but I do appreciate the looks!


  2. Love these looks - I'm with you though - NOT a fan of the bootie shorts. I can't pull off the crop top look - I so wish I could though! booo :(

    Thrive on Novelty

  3. Great looks! I didn't do the full skirt but I'm somewhat relieved to see that I did the others! :P


Thanks for the comments!