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Mary's has been on my "must try" list for a year now, and with the news of its opening in the CBD it returned to the forefront of my radar. Because the CBD store was only a takeaway joint and I wasn't sure if it was just burgers, we opted to go to Newtown branch. A Google search indicated that on Saturdays, Mary's opens at 4pm, so to fill the time between me finishing work that morning and Mary's opening we caught Nightcrawler at the cinema nearby. I didn't really know much about the film going in but I thoroughly enjoyed.

The movie finished a bit for 4pm so we sussed out the locale of Mary's- not the easiest to find in that it just looks like an old, run down building with no obvious signage. We entered with trepidation that it may be the wrong place and had a laugh when we realised not only was it the right place, but it was also open since midday! Damn the Internets for its false information.

We decided to take a seat upstairs and the dark, morbid decor fit with the mood carried on from the film we just watched. It was pretty quiet at the time so would be a cool spot to grab some food and drinks with some friends and hang out.

The menus are written on the wall, not that I needed it as I knew what I wanted- fried chicken and mash potato with their gravy. The pricing was a little on the expensive side, $18 for half a chicken, $14 for the Mary's Burger and $5 for mash and gravy.

Now I hate to say it after I've heard all these amazing reviews and I had anticipated going for so long but the food was kinda average! My chicken although looked delicious, tasted slightly burnt and could do with more seasoning. The mash was good- creamy and smooth and the gravy was nice, but nothing good enough to entice me back. I had a bite of my boyfriend's burger, a yummy, juicy burger but nothing to blow my socks off (and with the pricing I would prefer a burger from BurgerFuel which has more exciting ingredients). At the end of the day, it was a bit like a more expensive and hipster version of KFC.

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  1. It's so sad when you have an expectation of a place and it doesn't live up to it.

  2. I am not surprised at all. People have been going over the top about Mary's. Burger and fried chicken. meh...dime a dozen

  3. How disappointing! I had Burgerfuel for the first time the other day and thought that was a bit meh and preferred Grill'd.

    1. Really? I still haven't tried Grill'd but now I'm curious

  4. This place has been on my to go list for way too long. So sad that it didn't live up to expecattions though. I guess i'll be lowering my expectations for this place as well.


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