Walking and Hiking Trails in Sydney and Greater New South Wales

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I was 18 when I first got Facebook, and over the years I've seen a shift in my news feed from posts and pictures about partying and drinking to those about fitness and exploring nature. And my Facebook activity also reflects this change, as many of my social outings this year have been hikes or bushwalks. Instead of planning clubbing nights (well less often, anyway), my friends and I have begun to plan hikes, and embraced activities where we can get outdoors and feel good. Over the past two years I've done quiet a few different trails, and here is a wrap up on some of the more popular ones:

Bondi to Tamarama Coastal Walk

We kicked off this walk by having brunch at Icebergs Terrace, which has an amazing view of Bondi Beach and reasonable prices. This 1.2km walk consisted of paved surfaces and some stairs, although we did often wonder off the path to climb down closer to the shore for picture opportunities. We found this walk very easy, and in fact, as soon as we reached Tamarama we decided to walk back and go have a swim at Bondi, as we wanted to push ourselves a little plus Tamarama was a much smaller beach . Although it wasn't challenging, the walk did boast some beautiful views of the water and would be a good running trail. We have already planned on doing the full Bondi to Coogee walk next time.

Putty Beach to Gerrin Point Lookout

Another coastal walk, but with much less foot traffic. This walk is part of the Bouddi Coastal Walk in the Central Coast and is another easy one, at 1.2 km. I did this walk the day after I did the Bondi walk, and although I thought the Bondi walk had some beautiful views, the views on this walk were spectacular with dramatic red or naturally tessellated sandstone cliffs, where (if you don't have a fear of heights) can sit on the edge and admire the spanning blue ocean under you. If heights isn't your thing, you can admire the view from a safe distance, and also do a 360 degree to turn to also take in the dense bush behind you. You can cool off after the walk with a refreshing swim back at Putty Beach.

Wentworth Falls

Changing it up from the coastal walks and moving to the Blue Mountains, you can find several trails that lead to stunning waterfalls (you can find the different trails here). I can't remember the exact one we did as I think we just winged it but it was a big day, I believe we were there for about 6-8 hours. I found this walk a bit tough as there were a lot of steep stairs (some were so steep, it was pretty much a ladder!) but I really enjoyed it and you can rest and picnic by the falls as a reward.

Jellybean Pool

Another spot in Blue Mountains and this walk is super short (around 20 minutes) and leads you to a swimming hole (shaped like a jellybean, hence the name). I've included this in my list purely because Jellybean Pool is one of my favourite spots in the mountains, so quiet and peaceful. You can use the pool as a base spot and explore the surrounding bush. A great picnic spot.

Karloo Pools

Another hike that includes a swimming spot, this walk begins at Heathcote Station and is moderately difficult. I would recommend the following itinerary: starting at about 10am and walking the 2 km to Karloo Pools, stopping for a picnic lunch and swim before continuing a further 2.5 kms to Uloola Falls, where you can rest and take in the view of the waterfall amongst the bush before heading back.

All of these walks and hikes are awe inspiring and make you appreciate the natural wonders Australia has to offer, and its a great way to spend the day with your partner, friends or family.

Feel free to share your hiking spots in the comments, always keen to find new trails!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! Especially considering we're just entering winter here in the U.S. :)


  2. Oh wow!!! These places look incredible - I cannot wait to visit places like this. Hiking is one of the best things in life to do - and rock climbing. I've never been to Sydney but one day I will and I'll print this post out for my travel book so that I can have some great recommendations!

    Thank you xx


  3. I'm fine with hiking and walks if they are easy but this year I was faced with a really challenging one and I am afraid I couldn't do it! Hubby however ran it-crazy!

  4. I've added these to my ever growing list in Evernote of things to do as we eventually work our way around Australia. The Karloo swimming hole look beautiful ... and no crocs down there is a bonus.

  5. We certainly live in the best place in the world...might add these for activities to do in the school holidays!

  6. Great choices...all such gorgeous spots.

  7. There is something special and refreshing about getting out into the great outdoors. These look like some beautiful places to explore. Thanks for linking up with my #wednesdaywanderlust link party.


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