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For over year I had been salivating over the Instagrams and blog posts featuring what many exclaimed to be “the best French toast ever”.  If you are a Sydney foodie you have probably guessed what café I’m talking about. If you have no idea, I’m talking about Redfern’s Three Williams.

Despite all the attempts to organise brunch or lunch there (once it even included travelling all the way there to discover the kitchen was closed), I only got to try Three Williams last week. And it was totally worth the wait (spoiler alert!).

We arrived at 11am on Wednesday and the staff showed us our seating options (of which there was plenty). Our waiter then asked if we wanted any drinks and handed us the menu (he actually asked us if we wanted drinks so many times we wondered if he made a special commission from drink sales). The reason I came there was the crunchy brioche french toast with berries($16), but I was actually craving savoury so I also ordered zucchini flower stuffed with marinated ricotta for three reasons 1) it sounded delicious, 2) it was cheap ($3), 3) I assumed it was be small and not ruin my appetite before the toast.

My cousin and sister decided to share one of their narnies and the other French toast option which featured a chocolate and caramelised banana.

All our food arrived at the same time, which meant no awkward “you can start, seriously your meal will get cold” debate.

I first dug into the zucchini flower which was served with some sort of tomato sauce/relish. I am always hesitant with ricotta stuffed foods, as I sometimes find it a bit bland but they hit the spot with theirs, very well-seasoned. I did find the tomato relish drowned the yumminess of the zucchini flower and it tasted better without.

Then it was time for the dish of honour. I am not going to lie, looking at the other French toast option I did get a little pang of food envy (the reason I didn’t order it was because I am not a banana fan) but after tasting my dish, I was in love. Sweet and crispy on the outside, fluffy bread on the inside which worked well the berries, nuts and yogurt. Soo good, and soo worth the hype. I had a taste of the other option, and besides the fact I didn’t like the banana, I was really glad I ordered what I did because I thought it was a bit too heavy because of the rich ganache. Think that one definitely would have benefited from adding berries, to add some tartness.

We left very satisfied and I was really glad I finally made the trip and hope it’s not another year before I get to try that delicious French toast wonder again!

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