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One of my favourite school camp activities was the high ropes course, so I was excited to relive camp memories last weekend by visiting Grose River's Trees Adventure. Despite the exitement, I was a little intimated when I saw the various course structures amongst the treetops- I didn't remember them being up that high when I was in school! As our harnesses and safety equipment were handed out, my nerves began to grow but there were a heap of kids also being kitted up so I convinced myself it couldn't be that scary!

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After a quick course on how to belay and keep safe on the different course elements, we were set free to navigate the courses independently. There are various colours which indicate level difficulty, and they also age restricted (over 16s can do any course, including the hardest level- black). 

We decided to take it easy and first try level two of the second easiest colour (green), despite the apparent easiness, there were a few elements that made me a little nervous (for example a tightrope where you only had a hanging horizontal bar to hold on to). We then jumped to red (the second hardest level), this course was higher up in the trees and had harder obstacles that required more balance (like a hanging, swinging logs you had to walk across, moving from one to log to the other). An added scary elements in this course were the spiders that had weaved their webs among the obstacles, definitely motivated you to get past it! The ending on this course was sitting on the edge of a platform that was maybe about 10m above and jumping down to the floor! Once you actually push yourself off the edge, its actually a slow descend and not as bad as you prepared yourself for.

We finished off with the two variations of the black course, and some obstacles were so hard/ seemed impossible that I had belay myself onto the rope and pull myself through it (aka cheat my through).

These courses were certainly a workout, I was exhausted at the end and my arms were like jelly (and quite sore the next day!) but it was fun challenging ourselves, pushing past our fears and tackling the different obstacles. The obstacles are in a very pretty scenic area so while you are zipping through on a flying fox or balancing across a tightrope- look around and take it in (hopefully nature will calm your nerves!).

For the two of us, we paid $105 for three hours (concession pricing), but you can also do a two hour package which is the typical offering. I would definitely recommend this as a fun, active way to a day.

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  1. Wow this sounds amazing! Do they have an option for people scared of heights???!!! Lol

  2. That really does look like a lot of fun. It's great to revisit activities from your childhood sometimes :)

  3. No ways that looks like so much fun!!!!! I love outdoorsy, fun activities. SO much better than staying cooped up inside with movies. Camping too! I just bought a 4 man K-Way tent last weekend and am SOOOOO excited to put it to use - hopefully over the Easter weekend coming up :) xxx


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