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Two friends of mine and myself are such Masterchef fans that we have set up a special whatsapp group so we can chat together while we watch it. We are also such big fans, that when we found out that Andy Allen was working at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte we wanted to go so we would stalk him   go so we could try his fabulous cooking! We had been saying we should go for over a year but finally we said okay next weekend it’s happening. With definite plans set we were excited at the thought of potentially meeting Andy and eating something he had cooked. 

A few days before we were meant to go we noticed that on his social media pages said that he was in America (I swear, we aren’t stalkers!) and fretted that he may not even be working when we went. Despite the high chance that Andy would not be working we kept with our plans (See, not stalkey) and just be satisfied with the fact that we would be somewhere Andy had been (okay, maybe a little stalkey).

The café was packed when we arrived, and a small crowd was waiting to be seated. Despite this, the wait for a table wasn’t too long. 

I ordered the flaked house salmon ($22). The egg yolks were runny and the labneh added some nice flavour (more would have been appreciated). Overall, the dish was nice and not heavy, although I wouldn’t say it was worth the hour drive we had all made for it (unless you got to also meet Andy too! Haha). The other perk was that you knew everything was fresh so didn’t have to feel guilty. 

After brunch we wondered down to the café’s little garden which has a beehive and chickens. Unfortunately the chickens were also on holiday when we visited. I think it was cool we could visit the garden that the café grew some of their produce, added to the fun, friendly vibe of the café.

Despite Andy not being at the café, we had a nice time at Three Blue Ducks and it’s quite close to Bronte Beach so go on a nice day so you can make a beach day out of it (which we ended up doing).

The back Garden

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