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I had a really good experience when I went to Jamie’s Italian in the city so was really excited to hear a new Jamie Oliver restaurant was opening in Parramatta, Jamie’s Trattoria. So after one vigorous gym session (or so it felt!), we beared the cold and walked over to the restaurant for our 7.30pm reservation. Unlike in the city restaurant, we were seated immediately. It has a similar vibe to the city restaurant, lots of tables, a view into the kitchen and tad noisy from all the chatter.

To kick off our meal we ordered some rosemary bread which was served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, nice but nothing extraordinary. Despite having ordered our mains at the same time as our entrees, it was a really long wait for them to arrive, and given the fact that we all had gone straight from work to the gym to the restaurant, we were starving!

When the meals finally arrived, we were quite impressed by the presentation. Pretty and a good serving size.

I ordered the porcine fettuccine and was disappointed by how severely under seasoned it was. I do love my salt but even when my friends who have a normal to low salt tolerance tried it, they commented on how under seasoned it was. The lack of seasoning left the dish tasting a little bland and me wishing I had ordered something else.

For dessert, I ordered the Warm Sour Cherry and Frangipane Tart. This is a bit of a different dessert choice for me as I normally favour the lemon or chocolate options but the idea of warm sour cherries in a tart appealed to me on that cold winters night. It was served as a slice of a larger tart on a bed of cream. The dessert again was pretty mediocre and I would have appreciated more cherries in the tart than just the couple I had. 

Overall my experience as Jamie’s Trattoria was disappointing, especially considering I had really enjoyed my food at Jamie’s Italian. And given that that area in Parramatta is full of restaurants, they will have to lift their game to keep up once the novelty of it being a Jamie Oliver restaurant wears off.

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  1. Awww that is too bad to hear! The porcine fettuccine does look beautiful!


  2. Oh dear, what a shame you didn't enjoy your meal. I had a wonderful experience at Jamie's Trattoria in Richmond near London. I do hope you'll give Parramatta another try - eateries often have teething issues when they first open.


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