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Despite the freezing weather and it only being 530pm, there was already a crowd gathered outside Chefs Gallery in Town Hall. We joined the line and watched as the staff huddled inside in a circle, as is if preparing for a big game.

Shortly after we arrived the doors opened and we were all quickly ushered in and showed to our table.

Flicking through the menu, so many things caught our eye and my friend and I decided to share two small dishes as entrees and one larger main.

We chose the Spicy Wontons ($9.90), the Cheese and Mushroom roti ($11.90) and the Spicy Prawn Fried Noodles ($17.90).

The wontons arrived first, and the sauce the wontons were sitting on looked so beautiful and tasty that we immediately dug into them. I generously poured the sauce all over my wontons and it was as delicious I suspected with a nice spicy kick.

The noodles arrived just as we served ourselves our first wonton(the service was fast!). Rich colours hinted that this would be another good dish. It almost looked and tasted like pasta, and I thoroughly enjoyed this saucy and flavoursome dish. Once again, this dish had a good spicy kick. This dish would bring me back for sure.

The cheese and mushroom roti came a little after the other dishes and although nice, nothing amazing.

Overall, we both really enjoyed our experience at Chefs Gallery. Despite not all the waiters having a good grasp on English, the service was fast and efficient. The dishes were all delicious and prepared well. And the pricing was reasonable. I am curious if the Macquarie Centre one is as good, I will have to try it and see!

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  1. Mmm I love wontons with a spicy kick! Great meal!


  2. Oooh what a great selection! You had me at the wontons!!!

  3. I agree those wontons sound and look amazing, I must try to get some for lunch!

  4. Those wontons and noodles look SOOOO good!!!


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