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Walking down the aisles of the local of supermarket last Friday night, we pondered what to have for dinner that night. Burgers? Steaks? Schnitzels? Orrr we could go try that giant Schnitzel our friend Viv had told us about? We abandoned our plans to cook dinner ourselves and hoped in the car, going against Friday night peak traffic towards Marrickville the home of Goni’s Schnitzerlia.

We found some free parking on a side street nearby and went searching for the place, easy to miss as you have to walk down a set of stairs to get to the restaurant. We arrived around 6pm and were delighted to see most of the tables were empty, we had beat the rush! But on closer examination we realised that every single table was reserved! There were a few bars on the side that were free but all the actual tables had placeholders on them. We walked by every table, hoping to find a free one and luckily we found one that was reserved for 730 and the staff said it was fine for us to eat there. We ordered the La Espanola Schnitzel ($25) with chickpeas, chorizo and olives in a herbed tomato salsa with a bowl of chips ($7).

As we were waiting for our food, a fight started to stir up behind us! Luckily the friends of the fighters and security stepped in before anything got started but it was still an odd occurrence for a restaurant but we hypothesised that perhaps fights here weren’t such a rare occurrence hence the need for security at what appeared to be a family restaurant.

Our food soon arrived and we immediately knew we didn’t need the side of chips, the schnitzel was more than enough for two people!

The schnitzel was nice (but not wow) and although the novelty of the Spanish toppings were interesting I think I would have preferred it without. The chips were also pretty average and had us wishing we didn’t order them. Despite the schnitzel being your average schnitzel, we were still amazed because for a “pimped up” schnitzel that could easily feed a whole family it was the same price as your classic single serve pub schnitzel. That definitely had us impressed. Especially because we got full halfway through so each had a lunch to take away for the next day!

I’m not sure if I would drive out of my way to come here again but if I was in the area I would definitely drop in to try the other flavours.

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