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In about a month I will be embarking on my next overseas adventure: Brunei and Dubai! And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be sharing stories and tips on my return. But for now I want to turn your attention to an important travel issues that, if you are like me, don’t really think about until you are thrown into the moment and then fumble awkwardly to make a decision. And that decision is how to pose for photos when travelling (please note that this is a bit of a fun post and not a total love me post).

There are sometimes cultures rules and taboos that can guide you like not posing for photos with your back turned to Buddha statues. But most of the time the decision is up to you. Do you have standard go to pose?

Looking back through travel photos I realised I definitely end up doing the arms spread out, can you believe I’m in front of/in/next to {enter travel destination/monument}. 

Top two: Turkey. Bottom left: Thailand. Bottom Right: Sri Lanka

If it’s with an animal, I have started to try and get a quick selfie with them; my goal is to grow my collection of animal selfie shots.

There also travel poses that although seen as stereotypical I still love, like trying to push over the Leaning Tower of Pisa or touching the point of a building. Yes you will look like a total tourist, but guess what? You are! Enjoy it.

Another fun one is jumping in excitement, I love making these ones my wallpaper or cover photo on Facebook as the facial expressions caught on film are normally of pure joy.

Santorini, Greece
A popular one I see on Instagram is “oh did you take a picture of me? I was so absorbed with what was in front of me I didn’t turn around for the picture”. This pose has a sense that a natural, candid moment has been captured even though we all know that most of the time it was totally posed. A benefit of this pose is that you can get a lovely photo even if you are having a bad face day. One blogger that nails this picture is Brooke from the World of Wanderlust (see below):

And of course the "follow me" couple are sure to hoard of copycat pictures.
And I’ve written about my friends who get a little, uh, creative in their travel photos and lick monuments they come across (read more about that here)

So dear reader, do you have a favourite pose (link a pic if you wish!)? Or do you not think about it all?

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  1. LOL I enjoyed this post...1st world dilemmas! I tend to not take to many pics of myself when travelling but maybe I should do a few more animal shots :) I love Dubai, have an awesome time!


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