Exploring Helensburg Tunnells, NSW

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I have an unusual love of exploring tunnels and caves. A fascination of whats hiding underground and in the darkness, so when I heard about abandoned underground train tunnels just an hour away I was very excited to drive down to explore them.

Helensburg tunnels are located in the South Coast, about an hour south of Sydney. Leading up to the drive I read about the history of the tunnels, of the murders and deaths and rumoured ghosts that haunt the tunnels, these stories intrigued me more!

The tunnels are located withing walking distance from Helensburg station but if you choose to drive like we did, put in this address in your GPS: 2 Vera Street, Helensburg.

Upon arrival we ran into a small group that had just finished exploring and were cleaning their shoes and they warned us that we shouldn't get attached to our shoes because they were about to be ruined! I had read that sometimes the tunnels flood and people bring their kayaks and row through the tunnels so I really shouldn't of been surprised that the tunnels would be a little wet.

The warnings didn't deter us and we walked up to the small path before we came across the tunnel entrance and the start of visible train tracks. I can see why this spot is popular with photographers, it certainly is very beautiful in a mystical kind of way.

After taking a few shots of the outside we began to enter the tunnel and I was pretty excited! We don't get too far into the tunnel until its got so dark we couldn't see anything and my boyfriend and I both had to pull out our phones and turn on our flashlight apps (Tip Number 1 of visiting the tunnels: Bring a real torch!). 

Entering the tunnel

The walls are sporadically splashed with graffiti but thankfully there aren't too many ugly tags and hopefully it stays that way, in fact some of the graffiti add to the eerie feel of the tunnels (one them read "Serial Killers Unite"!).

We ran into a couple leaving the tunnels who said despite wearing gumboots, they weren't able to make it very far because the water gets very deep, they even spotted some tadpoles.

We continued on, singing out and enjoying the echos, our inner children enjoyed exploring the darkness with just the light of our torch (apps), playing explorers or even characters from a horror movie. 

Unfortunately the warnings of the previous tunnel explorers rung true and the mud got so slodgy and deep that we kept sinking in with every step that we decided to turn back. I definitely want to go back with higher shoes so I can reach even further in, or perhaps on a day when it floods with a a kayak because I definitely enjoyed the little I was able to explore and am keen to go in deeper and discover the other tunnels linked to Helensburg tunnel.

A couple more additional tips if you decide to visit the tunnels yourself:
Tip 2: Wear waterproof shoes you don't mind getting dirty
Tip 3: Don't wear fancy pants and make sure they are long as I read there are leeches!
Tip 4: Bring a change of shoes and a plastic bag to store your muddy shoes

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  1. I love visiting places off the beaten path, especially when they have an interesting history or stories behind them. The tunnels look pretty neat in a very eerie way. I can't believe you can kayak through there! That would definitely be a unique experience as well.



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