Palm Beach to Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk plus The Boathouse Review

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I love discovering new places in Sydney, exploring “my backyard” helps ease the travel bug between holidays. Over the weekend my cousin and I went to Barrenjoey/Palm beach and did the walk up to view the headlands and the light house (famously featured in Home and Away). We parked at Palm Beach and walked up until we found two paths leading us up to the viewpoints and lighthouse, one was easier but longer (approx. 15 minutes) and the other was shorter but harder (approx. 10 minutes). We picked the shorter and harder path, which consisted of walking up lots of tiny, steep stairs. Fun times. As you huff and puff your way up (or maybe that’s just me?), you are continuously rewarded with views of beautiful blue water and headland and you are encouraged to keep going because you know it’s just going to get better. We finally reach the top and I miraculously feel better, getting to walk on flat land. My cousin and I explore around the lighthouse, walking down the shrubbery to get to the cliff edges which boast the best views and photo vantage spots. It’s definitely a great spot to sit and unwind. As we were taking pictures I got a peek into the brutality of nature as a kookaburra landed near me and started smashing a large lizard over and over again against a rock. We left the kookaburra to his (or her!) lunch and walked up toward the lighthouse. We walked inside the cottage which consisted of a few rooms which used to house the families of the lighthouse keepers. We ended up joining a tour, which costs $5 and is led by a volunteer who is clearly passionate about the history of the area. He gave us a brief history of the area and the lighthouse before leading us inside. A spirally staircase led us up to the top of the lighthouse which gave us a nice 360 view of the area. 

On top of the lighthouse
We then wondered back down to The Boathouse for lunch. This has got to be the most confusing food venue I’ve been to in Australia. When we arrive there is a long line out the front and I go to join, assuming it’s a line for a table but my cousin, who has been to the Balmoral one, says it’s for the food and you are supposed to seat yourself. We find two spots on a table that a family already seated on are happy to share. We are advised that there are no menus and that we should take a photo of the blackboard which lists the items for sale. My cousin goes to take a picture of a board and I mind our seats. She comes back and we decide since we aren’t starving (and because the food isn’t cheap!) we will share the flathead (aka fish and chips) and get a drink each. Having decided, I go join the long queue while my cousin minds the seats. I wait in line for 15 minutes, my hunger slowly growing, before its finally my turn to order. The guy at the register is friendly but after the wait, and being tired from the walk all I want is to sit and eat my food!

I return to my cousin, and she tells me the family on the table told her that they waited 30 minutes in line to order their food! Every time a waiter comes by (The Boathouse is heavily staffed and they all wear a cute uniform of black shorts, white tees and a blue apron with white stripes) we eagerly look up hoping it’s our order. Our drinks arrive first, my pineapple and mint frappe and my cousin’s milkshake. The drinks are refreshing after sitting in the sun, and the $8 price tag isn’t too bad. 

Our fish and chips arrive, and we are glad we decided to share, we found it generous, although it should be for $29. We get two pieces of fried flathead and a helping of thick cut chips served with aioli.Although we enjoyed the food, we both agreed long process of getting the food made it not worth it and it’d just be better to get fish and chips elsewhere and enjoy it on the beach.

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  1. Ooh I will have to check out this walk next time we are in Sydney. So glad to have found another Aussie blogger! :)

  2. I love exploring my backyard between trips too, and why not when we have so many gorgeous places like this! And I agree, that wait is just too long. Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust, I'm a bit late commenting but I was travelling so I figured that was a good excuse :)


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