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Over the top milkshakes seem to be the “it” food that are driving foodies to in droves to the cafes that are serving them up. And Instagram is a great place to discover where these milkshakes are being served, which is how I discovered XS Expresso in Wetherill Park. So I popped in my car after work and headed over to meet my cousin for dinner. It was a bit before 5pm when I arrived and it was surprisingly full given it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. I managed to snag myself the last table inside before I realised that the kitchen closed at 4pm so it was only sweets on offer. Oh well, dessert for dinner! XS was pretty loud when I was there, between the chatter of the diners and the loud clubby music (I heard a few requests from diners to turn the music down which I thought was fair enough because a café is a place to catch up with friends and to catch up you actually need to be able to hear them!).

I ordered The Monster and couldn’t resist a cronut from the cabinet. As you can see from the picture it looked delectable on arrival. My cousin and I spent some time taking pictures of the drinks and treats (I’m starting to forget the time when it wasn’t the norm to pull out your phone and camera to take pictures when food is served). We then dug in. And to be honest, it was all disappointing.

My cronut was dry and the worst cronut I’ve had it, I didn’t even finish it. My cousin ordered a cruffin, which we were both excited to try as it was the first time we had seen the love child of a muffin and croissant in real life but that too way dry and bland.

The milkshakes, although fun to eat was also pretty ordinary. Once you remove all the additional elements, the milkshake is just your ordinary milkshake and doesn’t compare to say the milkshakes I’ve had at Vogue Café which really taste superior. I would even say the thick shakes you get from McDonalds taste better and are way cheaper!

So that was my disappointing experience and pushed the point that even though presentation is important, taste will determine if you will come back for more. Which I won’t be.

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  1. Such a shame the milkshakes and cronuts were disappointing, they look so good! I am intrigued by the cruffin though, maybe some nutella or jam would fix the dryness.


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